about pocketful of posiesPocketful of Posies was first published in January of 2015 as a creative outlet for all the projects I had been collecting in my mind for years.  The website and name was all that was left of my previous wedding florist business that I gave up to marry and follow my husband around the country.   It started out as a place for me release some of the creative juices I had flowing through my veins and has grown into so much more than that.Romantic+Industrial+-+Pocketful+of+Posies

Today Pocketful of Posies covers everything from DIY projects, home decor, to crafts, life, decorating how to’s and so much more.  Since 2015 Pocketful of Posies has been featured in House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping.   Currently I am hosting a monthly Silhouette Challenge group and co-hosting the Create and Share Challenge Group.DIY Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of Posies

So What is next for Pocketful of Posies?  Anything and everything.  Isn’t that the best part about realizing your dream?  The sky is the limit and I plan on taking this little site of mine and far as I can go.Creating and Adding Custom Image to Seat of a Chair

In the mean time I work hard every day to learn all the in’s and the out’s of this crazy blogging world.  I have learned so much since I started this little website.  So much more than I ever thought I would learn about myself, about my world, and the amazing things I am capable of.  It has been a wild and crazy ride and I have truly enjoyed every minute of it!