How to upgrade your Frameless Mirror in 5 Minutes

How to Upgrade Your Buildergrade Mirror in 5 minutes or less - Pocketful of Posies

While out shopping with a friend a few weeks ago I came across this great antique frame at my favorite new junk store. The frame was in perfect condition and it still had all of the original gold leaf paint. I was instantly in love with the frame even though I had no I idea what I was going to do with it.

I had been looking for away to dress up our small powder room and I thought it might be nice a nice addition to the space.  After testing the frame on the wall I discovered that it was too big for the tiny space.  It made the powder room seem even smaller than it already was, not what I was going for.  When I turned around I set the frame on the vanity to grab something else and made a brilliant discovery! The frame was almost the same size as the mirror.  I was so excited!  It added a ton of character to our other wise blah 1980’s powder room.

Since we rent our house we have to be very careful what we do to it and how. The frame was a little bit smaller than the actual mirror, so I couldn’t drill into the wall and  glueing it  was obviously out of the question.  I needed something that could support the weight of the frame, was removable and wouldn’t cause any damage to the mirror.  I found my solution in one of my favorite products as a renter, Command Hooks (Affiliate link). In addition to the Command Hooks here is a list of everything I used to update our ugly frameless mirror in less than 5 minutes.

project recipe

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  • A frame about the size of your mirror. It’s okay if it’s a little bit smaller.
  • 4 Command Wire Hooks
  • 4 eyelet screws
  • A level
  • A Sharpie Marker

Prepping my Frame

Because the frame tapered out away from the wall, there was enough space to add a Command Hook and a small eyelet screw in the back of the frame while still allowing the frame to lay flush against the mirror. 

To prepare my frame to be hung on the wall, I simply turned it over and placed a level across the bottom approximately where I wanted my eyelets to go.  After marking each spot, I added the small eyelet screw to the frame.  Then repeated these same steps near the top of my frame.  I added a total of 4 eyelet screws to the frame for extra support.

Hanging the Frame

I took my frame into the bathroom and held it about where I wanted it to hang.  After checking it with my level I made a small mark on my mirror using a sharpie marker where each eyelet touched the mirror.   (Don’t worry the sharpie wipes right off with a dry paper towel or a little nail polish remover).  Then I took my Command Hooks and attached them to the mirror making sure that the bottom of the hook sat on the sharpie mark.

Finally I hung my frame on all four Command Hooks.  I found it much easier to start at the top and work my way down when hanging my frame.  That’s it!  A quick and easy update that anyone can do in under 5 minutes!

This easy and simple solution really helped bring some charm into our really boring bathroom.  Plus when it is time to move again, we just simply take it off the hooks and into a box it goes.  No damage, and no clean up.  A renter’s dream.

To finish off the look I added mixture of vintage and modern accessories like this cast iron “soap holder”.   I think it was actually a lamp base in it’s former life.  I found it at the Salvation Army for $1. I love the vintage almost industrial shape.

Another great vintage touch is this old map I found of my husband’s home town.

The frame tied the whole space together plus it was relatively inexpensive and super quick to install. The whole project cost me $34 for the frame.  The hooks I already had left over from another project.  I couldn’t be happier with the final out come, now our boring bathroom is no more.

Do you have any quick and easy projects that changed the whole look of your space?  I’d love to hear about them below!

Shop my styleIf you loved the look of my bathroom then here are a few decor pieces that have a similar look and feel.

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58 thoughts on “How to upgrade your Frameless Mirror in 5 Minutes

    1. You are my new favorite person Teri! That must be the most amazing experience! I have such a soft spot for old beautiful and dilapidated buildings. I would love, love to see pictures! Than you for stopping by!


    1. Thank you Sonja! It is a vintage suitcase! I found it a couple of years ago at a thrift store for $7! I love it and it’s the perfect color!

  1. Cat…what a fantastic idea! We love when projects serenditously come together…a happy accident. It looks so pretty and it’s wonderful that it’s removeable when you move…no need to leave behind the gorgeous frame. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Something To Talk About Link Party!

    Vicki and Jennifer
    2 Bees in a Pod

  2. I’m definitely going to do this in the downstairs bathroom. Amazing the difference! Love it!

  3. You are so creative and the mirror looks beautiful! We just bought a fixer-upper and finding good bathroom mirrors is turning out to be more difficult than I thought (unless we want them custom made for hundreds of dollars…no thanks). I might have to hire you…LOL

    Thanks so much for linking up with #ShareTheWealthSunday!


    1. That is so sweet thank you Lisa! I am sure you will find something amazing. More than anything I’ve found it takes patience. The right piece will come along, and usually at a great price if you’re looking in the right places. Once you see it, you’ll know it perfect!


  4. This is such a great idea, and it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness link party 🙂

  5. Love this! Such an easy and cheap way to fix up a mirror! I have the builder’s grade mirror too, so I’ll be thrift shopping to find a frame!!

  6. Love it! What a beautiful upgrade. Would you mind telling me what font the Pocket Full of Posies is please.

    1. Hi Suzanne!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Honestly, this is going to sound terrible but, I don’t remember the name of the font. I took a drawing of this identical logo to an amazing graphic designer and she made my drawing come to life! I love the way it turned out it was exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for a designer I would be more than happy to pass her information along to you.


    1. Thank you so much Nikki! I really appreciate your support! I thought it was a very cleaver quick and easy fix to a blah problem!


  7. You did a lovely job! I love how you took a plain looking bathroom mirror and added an attractive frame that made the space pop

    1. Thank you for letting me know Maria! I hope your move is going wonderfully! I love your new house!


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