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DIY Vintage Doily Chain Table Runner - Pocketful of Posies

Long before I ever thought of becoming a blogger I found a project on Pinterest that I just loved, in fact it was one of my very first pins.  The project was a table runner made of vintage doilies by Under the Sycamore.  I thought it was so cute.  It is full of vintage charm but with a unique modern twist.  I instantly knew I wanted to make one.  So I set out to find some vintage doilies.  A couple of weeks later I scored a whole box of them at a yardsale for $5.  I was so excited!  And that was where my project came to a screeching halt.  For whatever reason I completely forgot about the whole thing, until now!

I finally go the kick in the pants I needed this month with our Monthly IDY Challenge Group.  This months these was Pinterest Inspired Projects.   What a perfect time to get this long over due project done.  I’m so glad I did too because I just love the way it all came together!

I started this project by washing all my doilies on the gentle cycle and then ironing them on a low heat setting.  This helped get rid of all the must, old smoke, and wrinkles so everything would be nice and fresh when I started to layout my pattern.

The layout was the part that seemed to take the longest, for me anyway.   If I was to do it all over again I would lay them all out and walk away.  After awhile come back and make any adjustments. It makes it much easier to see all the little tweaks once you have stepped away.  If I would have been smart and done that it would have saved me a ton of time.  Instead I sewed it all together and then saw all the corrections.  It definitely lost some of the charm when you have to take it apart to move a doilies half an inch in either direction.

After arranging and rearranging my doilies several times I was finally able to start putting them together.  I attached them to each other using a simple sewing knot with a needle and thread.  To ensure a secure connection and no lasting damage I simply used the preexisting hole in the crochet work.  This way I can simply cut the string and take them apart if I ever what make a change.

All together the sewing/knotting process took me about an hour and a half to complete including my original placement mishap.  In the end I think the subtle changes made a big difference in how the project turned out.

Now that you’ve checked out my Vintage Doily Table Runner are you ready to check out all the other awesome Pinterest Inspire Projects?

I hope you enjoyed this months challenge as much as I did!  It was a long time coming for me to complete this project, but I think it was worth the wait!

Do you ever  collect everything you need for projects and then forget about them?  It happens to me all too often, but it is something I am working on.  I would love to hear about your forgotten and rediscovered projects below!

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36 thoughts on “Vintage Doily Table Runner

  1. Aahh, I love it! The graphic pattern of the doilies really does give it a modern vibe. I have a pile of doilies from my grandmother, this could be the perfect way to use and love them!

  2. I love, love this!! I have a soft spot for vintage doilies, and you just made them look amazing!!

  3. I saw this pin on pinterest as well. So glad that you made it. Such a great use of a vintage item. 🙂

  4. How lovely! All of the different designs work so well together. Thanks for sharing this on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  5. Very NICE! I love that you picked the doilies up at a yard sale too. I love a good yard sale project.

  6. I love this runner, my mom gave me tons old vintage doilies! You got me inspired to make one!

  7. What a great idea!! I always have a bunch just sitting in the drawer, and even though they don’t match, they would be PERFECT as one of these! Love it!

  8. What a great idea!! I always have a bunch just sitting in the drawer, and even though they don’t match, they would be PERFECT as one of these! Love it!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Don’t worry about them matching! Life is beautiful in its differences! Thank you for stopping by!


  9. Cat this is so beautiful! I can’t believe you found the whole box for $5 that is crazy! Love love love this – it will be one of my features on Monday’s Something to Talk About Link Party 🙂 Hugs, Coco

  10. My sister was given a bag of doilies. We all took some and tried different things with them. My niece did something like this. It looks so pretty. I’ve got a bunch of crocheted pot holders. The thread ones that probably aren’t practical for pot holders. They are pretty uniform in size. Hummm

    1. Those sound beautiful Valorie! If they are practical as pot holders this might be a great option for them! Good luck!

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