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Romantic Industrial Picture Frames

Hey Everybody!  This week I am back with the latest installment of our Romantic Industrial Master Bedroom Makeover, this week it’s all about the walls!  And to make it that much better I have teamed up with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers to bring you A Wall Art Blog Hop!  Each of us has made a different DIY Wall Art project and now we are sharing them with all of you!  That’s not all! If you also blog we’re giving you the chance to link up on of your wall art projects to share across all 15 of our blogs!  So don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all of the other beautiful DIY Wall Art Projects!

You may remember a few weeks ago I shared our Stenciled Brick Feature Wall I painted and the Vintage Insulator Pendant Lights I made by combining modern convince with vintage industrial charm.  With both of those projects done I knew it was time to decorate the wall above our bed.

Whatever I hung up there needed to fit within my Romantic Industrial theme and I wanted to incorporate something repurposed.  Inspiration finally struck one day when I was walking through our local Marshall’s.  I found two Navy picture frames that I absolutely loved, even though they were scratched to pieces (check back soon to see how I fixed them) and then 3 more beautiful wood frames that seemed to scream Romantic Industrial.  Well, maybe they didn’t scream it then, but with a little modification they do now!

Before we go too far I wanted to remind you what the room looked like back in May when we started this whole process.  Pretty boring right?  After I painted the brick stencil feature wall our bedroom really came to life!  And who knew it would be so popular?!? It was even featured by House Beautiful Magazine! All of this definitely would not have been possible without all of your wonderful support!  But let’s get back to the real reason why we are all here, to talk about our new Romantic Industrial Picture Frames/Wall Art.

project recipe

  • 3 8×10 picture frames without a mat
  • 2 8×10 picture frames with a mat
  • 5 belts 1″ wide or less
  • A drill
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Starting this Project

To make the hanger I buckled a belt and held it up the the frame to measure for space and buckle placement. To help keep the project interesting I switched the buckles back and forth.  Once I found the perfect spot I cut the belt open using a regular pair of scissors.   Then I used that belt as a template for the other frames to make sure they all hung at the same height. Since I used two different sized frames the belts for the bigger frames also needed to be a little longer.  I apologize but I forgot to take a picture of this step.

Next using a small bit I drilled a hole in each side of the picture frames about an inch from the top  Using the same bit I then drilled a hole through the belts.  If the belt is wider than the frame I recommend drilling the hole a little closer to the front, so the edge of the picture frame and the edge of the belt are flush when the picture is hanging.

Assembling the Frames

After the holes were drilled I used a short nail that was slightly larger than the hole and attached the belt to the the frame.  To prevent damage to my frame I removed the glass and used small soft taps with  a washcloth between the nail and hammer.

Choosing My Art

When I started this project I knew exactly what I wanted my frames to look like but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put in them.  They ended up being hung on the wall empty for a few days until I finally figured out what I wanted to put in them.

I finally decided on DIY vintage lithographs or botanical prints from Biodiversity Hertiage Library on Flicker.  If you haven’t seen or heard of this collection you should definitely check it out.  Biodiversity has over 84,000 vintage lithographs in their collection and they are all free to download and use! It really doesn’t get much better than that.  In an upcoming post I will show you how I edited and resized the images so the could be used  in a standard 8×10 picture frame.

Hanging My Frames

When I started this project I knew I wanted to use some sort of hook to hang my frames instead of a regular old boring nail.  Plus I really like the layered look so what ever hook I choose had to come away from the wall a little bit to stack my frames.  I found the perfect hooks on sale at Hobby Lobby.  They are even romantic industrial with their tough metal hooks and feminine porcelain medallions.

Now that they are hung up the only thing left to do it sit back and enjoy!  They turned out so beautifully!  With each project our romantic industrial bedroom gets better and better!

I hope all of you enjoyed my DIY Romantic Industrial Frames as much as I do!  The repurposed belts make such a statement up against the stenciled brick wall.  Now I am sure your dying to see whatever one else made for their DIY Wall Art Blog Hop!  Don’t forget to link up your Wall Art projects below!

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Now it’s your turn to join in the fun!  We want to see your wall art posts!  We’ll be featuring our favorites throughout the week so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

There were so many fun wall art projects in the hop.  Do you have a favorite project?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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49 thoughts on “DIY Romantic Industrial Frames +Wall Art Blog Hop

  1. Hi, Cat ~ This room looks amazing! I love the stenciled brick wall and your frames with the belts! The buckles look great against the brick wall! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  2. I love this!! What a great idea of using belts as the "hangers" to the frames! The entire room is absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you Ruthie! It’s been a process but I love our room now! No more drab and boring! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. The belt idea is fabulous! Oh my gosh!!!! The hooks are perfect and I really like how you layered them. So creative. The bedroom is really coming together!

    1. Thank you Sara! It’s all finally coming together which is good because when I started I really wasn’t sure where I was going! Thank you for stopping by!


  4. I absolutely LOVE what you did here! So awesome! I am pinning and I will share this again at some point! xox Christine

  5. The wall, the lights, the hook and the pics! Ahhhh, it’s soooo beautiful! This is one of my favorite rooms ever. Great work!!

  6. Cat I love what you did with those frames!!! Using belts to hang is a fantastic idea!!! Love those hooks too. Your bedroom really looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing about the Biodiversity Heritage Library. I have never heard of them before and I will definitely check them out. Pinning:).

    1. Thanks Tara! It was perfect timing when I came across their site! I really had no idea what to put up there! It makes me so happy when things come together!


  7. Oh my gosh I did not know those were belts! Love the idea and a great upcycle!!!! You know I love a great upcycle/repurposed project. Your bedroom is coming together so nicely. The hooks are great too.

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! The belts seemed to work perfectly with the leather and metal! I can’t wait till its finished! Now I don’t know what to do next! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. This is so pretty! Love the prints you chose – and that the frames are alternating black and brown! And that clock on your nightstand is adorable!

  9. That wall art is just gorgeous to go with that gorgeous wall that I still can’t get over. Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday Link Party. I can’t wait to see what you share tomorrow.

  10. Cat, these are so gorgeous!! I love that they are totally unique, and those leather belts were the perfect touch. Featuring them at Motivational Monday tomorrow night!! 🙂

  11. Absolutely amazing, Cat! You’ve done a beautiful job of incorporating an industrial vibe into this romantic, serene space! Thanks so much for linking up at the Talented Tuesday Link Party; I’m featuring this post tomorrow! 🙂

  12. You are on a roll with this bedroom Cat!! I LOVE these frames 🙂 I see Amy just commented (one of my fellow party hosts), but I’m also featuring your industrial frames at the Talented Tuesday party tomorrow! Thanks for linking up! I hope you’ll stop by and say hi 🙂

  13. These frames are beautiful! You are so creative. Just love the hooks too! This would look great in my bedroom. Thanks for sharing, pinning!

  14. Hi there Cat! Just stopping by to let you know that this was the most clicked link at our Teach Me Tuesday last week. You will be featured at this week’s party starting tonight at 7pm CST.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us.

    Have an awesome week 😉

  15. Hi Cat! I love the botanical prints and you came up with a really fun and fresh presentation. The whole room is just charming! Featured you at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. This is such a creative approach to making your own wall art! I love that the smaller pieces hung together work like one large piece over the bed…probably much cheaper than buying one large piece as well! And not to mention the idea of using old belts as frame hangers. That ties everything together so well. Definitely pinning this!

    1. Thank you so much Sun Room! It was a really neat project! One that I was really really happy with the outcome! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my project!


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