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Hi Everybody!

Today I want to talk a little bit about style. I was so excited when I was recently chosen by Graham and Brown to be one of their style ambassadors. What is a Style Ambassador? It’s simply a person, or in my case a blog, that covers simple style elements. Each month I will be bringing you a new post on a different style elements and how you can incorporate them into your home.

This month our style theme was what is precious to us.  There are so many different directions to go with this particular subject.  Mostly because many of the style elements in my home are very special to me.  This is largely because many of the items in my home I have acquired second hand over the years only to restore them into something that I truly enjoy.  Because I have invested so much time and energy into my style it is a direct refection of me.  So naturally this subject is very dear to me and I wanted to make sure it came through in todays post.  It wasn’t until I was getting dressed this morning that I finally figured out what I wanted to write about, what is truly precious to me.  While my particular inspiration for this post might be a little unorthodox, it does reflect my personal style in a way that is uniquely my own.

I have been collecting vintage necklaces and broaches for some time now.  Some of them were gifts, some were necklaces I wore as a child, or belonged to loved ones, and some I’ve picked up here and there along the way.  But no matter where they came from they are all precious to me.  There is so much more glamor and beauty in old jewelry.  Mostly because it was made in a time when people actually cared about what they were doing.  And when I wear one of these old pieces, it reminds me of my family, the places we’ve been and the places still yet to come.  The best part is one day I’ll be able to pass all of it on to my daughter, like  the vintage turquoise necklace I got from my Grandparents on my 16th birthday.  Even today it is still one of my favorite pieces to wear.

So today I found inspiration in my precious vintage jewelry pieces and turned it into a style board for you.  These simple elegant accents will add the perfect amount of 1950’s Hollywood glamour to any space.

I love taking these kind of beautiful vintage details and tucking them into our home.  Here are few glamorous vintage inspired pieces I have been dreaming about lately.  I love how all of them reflect the vintage opulence that was 1950’s Hollywood without being gaud

I love incorporating these beautiful vintage inspired details and tucking them into our home. They add so much rich detail without overpowering the space. First the Tia Wall Art is absolutely stunning with it’s Art Deco inspired design made up of lots of little sequins to give it that perfect vintage shine. Next to add bit of glamorous sheen to your walls is this beautiful Damask Cream Shimmer Wallpaper. The subtle details make the perfect textured backdrop for a luxurious master bedroom. Last but not least is this Silver Fretwork Mirror. I love everything about this mirror. It blends all of my favorite elements; wood, metallic gleam, and glass perfectly. Ohh the places I would love to hang a mirror like this. All three pieces have such and an amazing attention to detail and some how still mange to maintain an air of sophistication and simplicity.

What precious pieces have inspired your personal space?  Was it something conventional like furniture or was it a family heirloom?  I would love to hear what makes them precious to you and how they inspired you in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Finding Style Inspiration In What We Hold Dear

  1. My style has been inspired by the collections of my Mother – her beautiful blue glass and love of all things vintage. Mine is a collected style also and continues to grow as I find things that exude that collected over the years style that I love. Love your vintage necklace collection – so inspiring. Cathy

  2. Your jewelry is beautiful! I would love to have a collection like that! I have vintage silver trays that my grandmother received for her wedding displayed in my kitchen and it is one of my favorite pieces in the house!

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