A Simple Rose Arrangement – How to get the Most Out of Grocery Store Flowers

How to get the most out of grocery store flowers - Pocketful of Posies

Hi Everybody!

This week I am showing you how to  create a beautiful simple floral arrangement along with some simple tips on how to get the biggest bang for your floral dollar.

Have you ever noticed that every time you pick up a magazine or browse Pinterest all the homes have fresh flowers?  That is because a simple bouquet has the ability to bring a space to life.   And with a few simple tricks I can show you how to do that for less just a few dollars.

For this arrangement I used a single bouquet of spray roses I purchased at WalMart for less than $5 and a vintage cut glass vase I found at GoodWill.  Tip: To get the biggest impact for your floral dollars I always recommend sticking to a single type of flower bouquet instead of a mixed bouquet.  Those big beautiful mixed floral bouquets actually have less flowers and a much, much larger price tag.

Tip: To help prevent damaging your flowers always cut the plastic wrapper off.  You can bruise and break your flowers by pulling them out of the wrapping.

Tip:  The best way to cut flowers is by using a sharp short knife.  While this can be a little tricky to learn it will help your flowers to stay fresher longer.  I prefer these fixed curved bladed floral knives to a folding one.  They seem to hold up better and they are little easier to wield. To properly and safely cut a floral stem with a knife you will need to use both hands.  Gently hold the stem of the flower in your non dominant hand and hold the knife as pictured with your dominant hand.  Gently pull with holding the stem securely with your thumb until you have cut trough the stem.  It will take a little practice but when used with the upmost caution using a knife can add days of life to your flowers. Never use this technique on a wood or hard stemmed flower.

Do you see what a difference a fresh cut makes? This fresh cut will allow the flowers to drink freely and easily.  The reason why using a knife to cut flowers is better is because most flowers like roses have their capillaries form on the outside edge of the stem.  These capillaries allow the roses to draw water.  By cutting roses with a knife it prevents the capillaries from being smashed allowing the rose to get all the water it needs to stay beautiful longer.

Another great way to get the most bang for your floral buck it to select a flower that has many blooms per stem.  Like these spray roses, they have all the charm of a regular rose but there are 4 – 5 blooms per stem compared to a standard rose that only have one bloom.  As if that wasn’t enough spray roses can last a days longer than standard roses.

To maximize the impact of a multi blossom flower I recommend low arrangements. By using a low arrangement you can easily turn on stem of flowers into two.  See how I cut the stem above?   There is one flower on that stem that sits lower than the rest and when put into a low arrangement it will be completely obscured by the other flowers causing it to be a wasted bloom.  But by trimming the stem just above that last flower we have turned one long stemmed flower into two shorter stemmed flowers.   This will allow each beautiful flower to be seen in the arrangement.

Another reason why I love multi bloom flowers is they are so much easier to work with then a single stemmed flower.  Have you ever noticed that when you purchase an arrangement from a florist it has lots of greens in the vase?  These greens not only help to fill out the arrangement but it gives the florist a base to build their arrangement in.  When you choose a multi bloom stem the base is already built right in.  You just have to know how to use it.  You’ll notice an arrow in the picture above, that is the best place to add the next stem of roses.  By cross-crossing each stem of flowers the base of the arrangement will naturally form eliminate the need for costly greenery.

By following these simple tips you will quickly and easily have a beautiful full arrangement that cost less than $5.  And since we took the time to cut and care for our flowers the right way they will stay beautiful longer.

This simple sweet arrangement made such an impact on our bedroom.  It really helped bring everything together. What is your favorite flower to have in your home?   I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: You should always practice caution when using a knife or any other sharp instrument.  Pocketful of Posies is not responsible for any injury(s) sustained while arranging flowers based on information provided in this post.  All DIY projects are my own.  This page contains affiliate marketing advertising by clicking on these links I will be provided monetary compensation.  Any money earned is used to bring you other great DIY projects.  I only endorse companies and products that I happily use in my home. Shop my style

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15 thoughts on “A Simple Rose Arrangement – How to get the Most Out of Grocery Store Flowers

  1. I have a style crush on how you decorate! It really is so beautiful!! I love how you use books for a little dimension below the flowers! Plus your blog is just so elegant and cute at the same time! I’m definitely going to be visiting again!

  2. Very thorough and helpful post. Love your tips! I agree with them all. I love doing floral arrangements!

  3. I’m not the best at floral arrangements so I really liked your tutorial! Also that vase is so great!

    1. Thank you! You’ve probably seen it pop up all over the place on my blog lately! It seems to go with everything!

  4. I love fresh flowers, and luckily, the former owners of our house planted a ton of beautiful flowers that I can cut and bring inside. Thanks for sharing these tips, I never thought of using a knife… I always cut with scissors.

    1. That’s awesome Erin! The people that lived in our house before killed everything. It’s been a slow process to make everything green again! Thank you for stopping by!


  5. I love roses:-) The best are from your own garden:-)
    Thanks for your tips they are very useful:-)
    Your arrangement is fantastic:-)

  6. Thanks for posting all of the wonderful tips. I loooove having fresh flowers in the house and since I don’t have a garden am always on the lookout for inexpensive and beautiful flowers. Making them last as long as I can is always a great help!

    1. Aww thank you Lisa! I agree fresh flowers are one of my favorite things! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tips! Thank you for stopping by!


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