Finding My Style: The Eureka Moment

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HI everybody!

This week I am back to talk about Style.  What makes it and where does it come from? Plus the journey I took to find my own personal style.

The answer is everywhere.  Style is something that is uniquely our own.  Regardless of where we have been or where we are going to our style shapes us.  It dictates everything about us from what we wear every day to what foods we eat and finally what we bring into our homes.

Because style is constantly changing it is something that we grown into.  Similar with finding out who we are.  It takes time, then one day it just clicks.  Everything comes together and your space is a direct reflection of who you are.

My personal style is something I have been working on for many years and with each phase of my life I have honed in a little more on exactly what that is.  I have always had a love for vintage items that came from my Dad.  Growing up as an auctioneer’s daughter I was exposed to and fell in love with vintage style long before vintage was cool. After a high school trip to Italy I knew all those romantic features were in my heart and in my soul.  When I got married I needed to find a way to incorporate more masculine details into our home and industrial just seemed to naturally fit.  Finally after our little one arrived we needed to find a way to simplify our home with more durable reclaimed surfaces.  All of these life events has shaped my style and it wasn’t until recently that I really discovered what that truly was.  It came one night while on an early dinner date with my husband at one of our now favorite resturants.

It was my Eureka style moment.  But before I can explain the moment I have to explain the restaurant.  This particular restaurant resides in the administration building of an old 1900’s brewery.  To say it is a beautiful, is a huge understatement. It was perfect, vintage details, rustic brick, reclaimed planked floors, industrial finishes, and chic romantic accents.  It was everything I knew I wanted our home to be.  It was Romantic Industrial.

If you’ve been following me for very long you know that Romantic Industrial is the new style I have coined for our home and it all started that day.  That moment inspired me to paint a feature wall in our master bedroom and is now shaping our entire house.  Even House Beautiful Magazine agreed, this was truly my eureka style moment.

In honor of this magical moment I have put together a few design elements with Graham and Brown to help you master your very own Romantic Industrial style. From inspiring wall art like this beautiful faux iron panel to this vintage travel inspired ampersand and the perfect industrial dark gray paint Graham and Brown can help you bring your very own Romantic Industrial retreat into a reality.

Now that I have truly found my own personal style everything seems to fall into place.  Making design decisions is now a breeze because I know who I am is reflected in my home.  It is my story and my journey summed up in a series of projects and paint colors.

I would love to hear about your style journey in the comments below!  Was it an epiphany like mine or was it something that you slowly fell into?   Style is a journey,  so don’t forget to enjoy the ride!  You never know, one day a simple meal could reshape everything.

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