DIY Halloween Inspired Painted Pillows + Giveaway!

halloween inspired

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Hi Everybody!

Today I’ve teamed up with fifteen of my favorite blogs to share a whole bunch of Halloween Inspiration and a chance for you to win! That’s right, its our October Create and Share Monthly Challenge! This time we made up these super cute Halloween inspired pillows from Paint-A-Pillow! And if these cuties weren’t enough, we are giving away not one, but three $50 gift certificates to Cutting Edge Stencils and Paint-A-Pillow! Plus I also made a bonus craft with one of my stencils to share with you today! As you can tell, things have been mighty busy around here decorating for Halloween! Paint-A-Pillows are the latest and greatest invention from my friends over at Cutting Edge Stencils, and they are awesome! Paint-A-Pillows are a great way to bring out the inner artist in you and customize your own DIY designer pillow. And the best part is, the stencil can be used over and over again! There is no limit to the DIY possibilities! Just check out all of these beautiful pillows! Be sure to enter the giveaway below and visit my friend’s blogs to see even more pillow ideas using the Paint-A-Pillow kit.

If you loved these creative stenciled pillows, you can now make your own!  
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Crow and the Pumpkin
Paint-A-Pillow kits. I love the implied creepiness of the crow with out actually being creepy, my kind of Halloween decorating, and the pumpkin was a great choice because it adds some extra color and a little happiness to my Halloween decor.The Paint-A-Pillow kits come with everything you need to complete your project from the roller to the paint and beyond.  Although I have to say the best part is, everything is all set up for you in the box! There is no confusing set up, or guessing at what goes where.   All you have to do is load your brush and get to work! Within a few minutes I was on my way to awesome new painted designer pillows!

To start my Pumpkin Pillow I simply shook up my orange paint and loaded up my foam roller.  To make sure I didn’t have too much paint I lightly rolled off the excess on to a paper towel.  This will help to prevent any excess paint from bleeding out of the stencil.

Once all my orange paint was applied to the main body of the pumpkin I used the provided stencil brush to very lightly apply a tiny bit of orange paint up one side of my stem.  After washing my brush throughly I went back and added some green to my stem.  Since green and orange mixed together makes brown, it added a little bit of realistic coloring to the stem of my pumpkin.

In addition to blending some extra color into the pumpkin stem, I also added a small amount of yellow paint and blended it along one side of each pumpkin lobe to create a subtle highlight.  I then repeated this process along the bottom of the pumpkin lobes using a very tiny amount of black.  This created a small drop shadow on the pumpkin giving it a more realistic three dimensional look.  When adding black to any paint project, always used extream caution.  Black is a very powerful color and can quickly create a muddy mess.  To help prevent muddying the colors I recommend rinsing the paint brush throughly before blending the black onto your existing painted canvas.

Within a couple of hours of my pillow was dry to the touch and safe to handle.  Just to be on the safe side I let the paint to set for 24 hours, then I ironed my pillow cover from the reverse side.  This set all of the paint permanently and allowed my cover to be machine washable, a must in our house.  Once that was done the only thing left to do was enjoy my new pillows!

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Bonus Craft

Do you remember in the beginning how I told you the stencils could be used over and over again?   Since the stencils are made from a high quality plastic they can be used for hundreds of projects!

Next I’ll show you how I used my awesome Creepy Crow stencil to not only make an awesome pillow, but I also made this perfectly eerie crow wall art for my mantle!

project recipe

  • An old button down shirt I got at the Salvation Army
  • A picture frame
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • my new Paint-A-Pillow Crow Stencil.
  • Fabric paint

To start my new project I laid out my design making sure the seams from the shirt would not show on my new wall art. Next I placed a small piece of junk cardboard under the design of my shirt. Then folded my shirt tightly Around the cardboard and placed it into my super handy Paint-A-Pillow Stencil Frame that came with my Paint-A-Pillow Kit. Finally I clamped it all into place using the provided brads to prevent the fabric from moving about.

Finally I loaded my paint roller and rolled out my new design being careful to remove any excess paint.  Once all of my paint was applied I simply removed my stencil and washed it using soap and water.

While I waited for my paint to dry I traced and cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of my frame.  Once my image was dry to the touch I cut it out leaving a few inches of extra fabric all around.  Next I attached it to my cardboard cutout using hot glue.  Finally I place the image in my new frame and tied a ribbon around the top of the frame to use as a hanger.

The whole project including clean up time took me about 20 minutes.  In the end I was left with a unique and inexpensive piece of Halloween wall art we will enjoy for years to come!

My new creepy crow wall art, any my Halloween inspired Paint-A-Pillows are the just what the Doctor ordered for my Spooktacular Halloween Mantle. With the help of Cutting Edge Stencils and Paint-A-Pillow my Halloween decorating is finally coming together!

Thank you all for stopping by and please don’t forget to check out everyone’s Halloween Pillows!

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  1. Hi, Cat ~ Your pillows look amazing! I love the shading details on the pumpkin. And what a great idea to reuse your stencil on your crow art. Your Halloween mantel looks great, too!

  2. Cat you are amazing! I love how you blended the colors it really does make the pumpkin look more realistic. And using the raven to make Raven artwork for your mantel. You should send some of your creative juices my way 🙂

  3. These look amazing Cat! Nice job and what a great reuse of your stencil. The shading on the pumpkin looks great!

  4. Wonderful Cat!!! I love your pillows and love the new bonus craft!!!! Thank you for taking part of the Create and Share challenge this month. Shared!!

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