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Hi All!

Christmas is in full swing around here and today I am back to share My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition.  I am excited to be joining this very special Christmas hop hosted by Casa Watkins!  With so many inspiring bloggers attending you are sure to find something you like and maybe even a new style!  If this is your first time joining me from Shabby Grace Blog Welcome to my humble abode!

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.  I love everything about it, the lights, the smells, the music, all the beautiful decorations and of course spending time with family and friends.  Out of all the decorations I add to our home during this festive season my favorite is always our Christmas tree.

To me our Christmas tree is so much more than just a regular decoration.  Our tree represents who we are.  It is our eclectic memory bank full of family events, miles stones, vintage finds and our favorite characters.

Since we didn’t have a lot of extra porch space this year I decided to bring our two mini topiary trees inside.  Giving us a grand total of three beautiful Christmas trees.  The first of the three trees sits by our front door waiting to great you with Christmas charm.

This little tree shows off one of my favorite collections, my vintage Shiny and Brite Ornaments.  Regardless of what time of year it is I am always on the lookout for these vintage beauties!

I love the way these Shiny and Brite ornaments look with my vintage ski print and these cute rustic gift tags. Who knew cute tags could double perfectly as ornaments. You can pick up some for your Christmas tree and your Christmas gifts at Target (affiliate)

Our second mini tree was the perfect edition to our Christmas master bedroom.  I decorated it with ornaments that are special to my husband and I as a couple.  Not only does it have our wedding keepsake ornament but it also has 1 bell for every year we’ve been together.   Every year on Christmas my husband gives me a silver bell.   It was a tradition he started when we were dating and to this day its always my favorite gift.

Our main Christmas Tree is a fun eclectic mix of family memories, more vintage finds, and lot and lots of character.  Like these fun comic book ornaments I had made for my husband last year.

They are the perfect blend of traditional Christmas Ornaments with a little extra spunk!

Another favorite ornament of mine is this adorable little foot print.  It belongs to the sweetest little girl I know who is turning two today.  I know this is a truly awful photo, but there was no way I could share our Christmas Tree without sharing this ornament.  The NICU nurses were so sweet and made this for us to take home when our little one wasn’t able to come home right away.  This little ornament reminds me what Christmas is really about.  It’s not about all the gifts and the decorating.  It’s about spending time together.

I hope all of you enjoyed my Christmas Tree styling!  Hopefully it inspires you to add some Traditional, Eclectic, and Vintage Charm to your Christmas Tree!

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17 thoughts on “My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition

  1. All your trees look great!! Gift tags on the tree, genius!!!!!! And, I’m always on the look out for vintage bulbs too!! Happy Birthday to your little one! The footprint ornament is beautiful… such a sweet memory. Happy Holidays!

  2. I love all of your trees! And especially all of the ornaments with special meaning that you shared. That tiny foot is too precious! I remember trying to get a little handprint of my first baby for our tree but after many failed attempts, I had to give up! Hoping to have better luck with baby #2 this Christmas!

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