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Hi All!

Today I am back with another exciting Christmas post!  This month our Junk Visionaries challenge was to remake gift wrap.  So that’s exactly what I did.

Okay maybe not exactly,  instead of revisioning gift wrap I revisioned the gift bag.  Gift bags are my favorite gift wrap of choice when dealing with oddly shaped presents.  But finding cute bags is become more and more difficult.  So today I am going to show you how I made these not so average, but totally adorable Christmas gift bags.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know how much I love a good clothing upcycle and this project is no exception.

project recipe
1 button down shirt in a fun holiday print
cable knit sweater scraps left over from my Cable Knit Table Runner
Hot Glue
Recycled brown paper bags from my favorite bakery

I started out by ironing both my button down shirt and my cable knit sweater scraps.  Next I slid my large bag inside the button down shirt (folded side of the bag should be facing up) and lined it up the bottom along edge of the bag with the pattern on the shirt.  Next I applied a thin layer of hot glue along this same line and pressed the bag firmly into the glue.

Tip:  Hot glue is still very hot through paper and a thin fabric.  I recommend using some kind of barrier when applying pressure over the hot glue.  Another fabric scrap made the processes mush smoother and blister free!

After my initial bead of glue was set.  I trimmed the excess fabric along the bottom edge of my bag leaving about a .5″ over hang.  I then glued this to the bottom of the bag.  With the bottom straight edge securely in place, I proceeded to glue the all the fabric to this side of my bag.

Once the glue was set I cut the bag away from the remaining shirt material leaving a .5 seam allowance on all remaining sides.   I then repeated the same process as above with the exception of opening my bag prior to gluing on any of material.

Tip: It is imperative that the bag be open when gluing along the folded side of the bag.  Otherwise the bag will not open properly.

Next I followed the same process of wrapping and gluing the excess seam allowance around all the remaining edges of the bag.

Tip:  To ensure the bag will still fold for storage avoid applying glue over the fold lines.

For the sides of my larger bag I used two cable knit sweater sleeves left over from my Cable Knit Table Runner.  I simply turned them inside out and cut off the seam.  Then I applied them to each side of the bag using the same technique listed above.

When the cable knit material was firmly in place I used my scissors to trim the excess material.  Since the cable knit became the finished edge of the bag I did not leave a seam allowance.

For the smaller bag I applied all the fabric in the same way with a small change in fabric design.

Instead of using one solid piece of fabric for the two main sides of the bag I decided to use a combination of the shirt cuff and cable knit sweater scrap.  As well as using another section of the shirt fabric for the sides of the bag.

That’s it!  Both bags were super easy to make and I still have some shirt material left over for another project!

Now that my utterly adorable, not so average gift bags are finished the only thing left to do is fill them with Christmas Presents!

I love the way my new gift bags tuned out!  And the go perfectly with my Pretty Poinsettia Gift Embellishments!

Are you ready to see everyone’s revisioned gift wrap?!?

Thank you for stopping by to check out my revisioned gift bags!  I hope you were inspired to think outside of the box when wrapping all of your Christmas gifts this year!

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14 thoughts on “Not Your Average Gift Bag – Junk Visionaries December Challenge

  1. Oh my goodness these are adorable. I love the plaid but including the buttons on the shirt one was perfect and the cuff on the second is awesome. Now I know how to use my old shirts and these would be reusable all year. Love it. Cathy

  2. I absolutely love this idea! How creative are you?!? This little project is now on my to do list!

  3. I love these – what a great idea to add an extra personal charm to ordinary bags. So adorable, as always!!

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