Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art + Create and Share Holiday Craft Hop

Salvaged Wood Holiday Wall Art

This project was made possible by Cutting Edge Stencils who supplied this beautiful stencil.  All DIY projects and opinions are my own.  This post contains some affiliate links and pay per click advertising.  You will never be charged extra by purchasing items from these links found on my website. For more information please visit our Policy Page

Hi Everybody!

What a crazy crazy week it has been around here!  I have been jumping from one holiday project to the next and today I am here to share my favorite Christmas project so far, this beautiful Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art.

For today’s project I’ve teamed up with eighteen of my favorite blogs to share a whole bunch of Christmas inspiration and a chance for you to win!

For this very special Create and Share Holiday Edition we teamed up with Cutting Edge Stencils
to show off their new line of Holiday Stencils. Cutting Edge Stencils are seriously amazing. They are so easy to use, reusable, they have thousands of applications, and they are extremely well made. To make it even more exciting we are pleased to announce that we have not one, but five $50 gift certificates to Cutting Edge Stencils!

For your chance to win one of five $50 gift certificates keep scrolling!  Don’t forget to jump over and check out everyone’s projects, they are truly inspiring!

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project recipe

Cutting Edge Stencils Mitten Craft Stencil
Stencil Brush
6 Used and Weathered Fence Boards
Red Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
2 Small Artists Brushes
White Graphite Paper
Disposable Foam Brush

Before I could start the painting and stenciling portion of my Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art I first had to put my reclaimed wood panel together.  This is where my amazing Father-In-Law jumped in to help me out!  He made this beautiful reclaimed fence panel using 6 standard fence boards cut down to 36″.  The boards were then screwed together using an additional board laid out in a standard z pattern.  After the panel was constructed it was given a quick sand with a 150 grit sand paper.

With all of the building out of the way the next task was to lay all my letters out.  For font inspiration I turned to my favorite time killer, Pinterest.  To see all the images I was inspired by check out my Holidays Pinterest Board.

After choosing a couple of different fonts I printed my design on several pieces of office paper.  Then I cut them out and arranged them on my wood panel and marked the spacing.

Using my marks as a guide I removed all the letters and laid down a sheet of white graphite paper on top of the wood then I replaced my printed letters on top.  Next I used a regular pencil to trace the letters causing white lines to transfer onto the wood panel.   Because the boards were uneven and bumpy from years of being outside this took a little bit of patience.

As you can see the result is a very faint but effective outline.

Next I filled in all of my letters using white acrylic paint and my two small artist brushes.  This process also took quite a while.  But it was well worth the wait in my opinion!

To give my Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art its final touch I added these adorable mittens using Cutting Edge Stencils Mitten Craft Stencil Cutting Edge Stencils Mitten Craft Stenci. This was the easiest part of the whole project. I simply laid my stencil over my boards and painted!

Since ultimately wanted the sweater design on the mittens to be white I first traced a rough outline of the mittens with a pencil.  Then I removed the stencil and applied white paint in the shape of the mittens.  When the paint was dry I once again placed the stencil over the area and applied the red acrylic paint using a stencil brush from Cutting Edge Stencils.

When working with stencils always, always blot the excess paint off your brush before applying it to your project.  This will help prevent the paint from bleeding under the stencil and making a mess of your new creation.

After all the paint was dry I applied a thin coat of Varathane over the entire project to seal and protect my design for years to come.

This was such a fun project to make and I can’t begin to explain how much I love my new Christmas Wall Art.  It looks great on our mantle!  But it would also look great on our porch or even on top of our Romantic Industrial Shelves.


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Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art!  I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I do!  Merry Christmas!

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19 thoughts on “Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art + Create and Share Holiday Craft Hop

  1. Cat, this is amazing! I love that you put so much work into it too, because it makes it even more special. You need to make a few more and sell these babies! I bet everyone would want one!!

  2. Cat this is wonderful!! I love everything about it!! What fonts did you use for your Baby It’s Cold Outside? I’ve been looking for a good flowy font and I just love this!! Your mittens are super cute too!!

  3. Hi, Cat ~ This such an adorable project! I love the reclaimed wood and the red and white. I’m adding the mitten stencil to my wish list. It’s so cute!

  4. Cat, this turned out really cute and I love the tip you gave on how to transfer letters on wood! Your font is really pretty too, you must have a steady hand!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Cat! Love the mittens and how you added to the design with your very cool transfer. Pinning and sharing

    1. It is!!! I really love this piece! Its actually still hanging up even though I’ve taken down all the rest of my Christmas Decorations. I just love the way it looks!

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