A Look Back – Top 10 Posts of 2015

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Today I am taking a look back at what a crazy and exciting year 2015 was.  It was a year full of new jobs, new cities, and a new blog.  Since my official one year anniversary is tomorrow I thought today would be the perfect time to take a look back at my top 10 posts of 2015.

10. How to Remove Paint from Decorative Wood Details

This post was a surprise favorite.  Since the big decor element in furniture is to paint everything I was shocked at how well this post did.  It makes me so happy to know there are other people out there who still like natural wood as much as I do!  Don’t get me wrong, I love painted furniture too, but there is something so beautiful about natural wood.

9. Merry Christmas Tour of Homes

I was so honored to find this post on my top 10 list, especially since it’s a fairly new post.  I guess finally finding my Christmas style is paying off!

8.  How to DIY Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelves

Ahhh… My first DIY post ever and more proof of how much I love natural wood.  These babies are so pretty and I love the extra detail they add to my kitchen.  Proving that you can still have a stylish custom looking kitchen, even in a rental.

7.  How To Make Beautiful Fabric Roses

This post got me where I am today.  It was my first substantial feature and gave me the encouragement to keep going when I was so ready to quit.  It’s safe to say with out this cute little roses I wouldn’t still be blogging today!

6. DIY Romantic Industrial Frames

Romantic Industrial was my hottest trend of 2015 and it’s easy to see why.   Can you believe I made these awesome frames using some old belts?  Stop by to check out all the beautiful details!

5. DIY Chalkboard Chargers

Who would have guessed that this post would be so popular?  Not me!  It was an idea that suddenly popped into my head the day I was prepping to take pictures for my Thrifted Fall Table post.  My table just seemed to be lacking something special to make it pop, then it hit me!  I had a stack of thrifted chargers in the cupboard that could use a little makeover.  It was a fast simple project and the outcome was not only beautiful but inspirational.

4.  Easy Watercolor Sharpie Mugs That Actually Last

This little project was another fun idea that randomly popped into my head while drinking my morning coffee and what a project it turned out to be.  This is my number one pinned post of all time.

3. Vintage Doily Table Runner

Sometimes we draw inspiration from others and that is exactly what I did for this post.  Long before I ever became a blogger I had pinned a table runner just like this one.  A table runner I always intended to make but never got around to it.  After years of procrastinating and collecting vintage doilies I finally made it.  This is still one of my all time favorite projects!

2. A Deux of French Dresser Makeovers

After months of changing my daughter on the floor we finally found the perfect dresser for her room.  The only problem was it’s condition.  After years of smoke damage, sun damage, and cracked paint it need a lot of TLC.  But the outcome was amazing.  Not only does it look great now, but it’s something that will grow with my daughter as she grows.  Not too babyish, not too bland.  Just the right mix of color and spunk.

1. Amazingly Real Brick Stenciled Feature Wall

My most loved and click post to date was this beautiful stenciled accent wall.  What an amazing transformation a little paint can make.  This wall took our room from blah and boring to over the top and helped me coin my new home decor theme, Romantic Industrial.  It still makes my heart flutter every time I walk through the door.

What a beautiful wonderful year.  Looking back on all these posts I feel more blessed and inspired then ever.   Here is to a great new year full of happiness and great DIY!

Did I miss any of your favorite DIY projects?  I would love to hear about your favorite in the comments below!

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  1. You are so awesome Cat! The brick wall and the pink dresser were two of my favs! I love the open kitchen shelves as well, I am thinking of doing those when we redo our kitchen. Congrats on a great year, can’t wait to see what you do in 2016!

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