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Hi All!

Today I am back to talk about my newly coined “Romantic Industrial” look and how you can replicate it!

Our Romantic Industrial style came about by complete accident, a wonderful wonderful accident.   It all started as a way to help blend my style and my husbands style in our home to create one cohesive look we could both be proud of. 

While out to dinner one night at one of our favorite San Antonio restaurants the solution finally came to me.  “Romantic Industrial”  It would be the perfect way to blend masculine undertones with my eclectic found treasures and feminine details.  It was exactly what we were looking for.

To kick off our new style I painted a feature wall in our Master Bedroom to look like aged white washed brick.  The change was tremendous.  Suddenly we went from a blank and boring 1980’s bedroom to HOLLY WOW, FANTASTIC!  Walking into the room you would never know that it’s paint and not real brick.  Our cable guy even had to walk up and touch it before he believed it wasn’t real brick.  To this day that is one of the best complements I have received.

After completing this fabulous paint job the only thing left to do was layer in some “Romantic Industrial” accessories and accent pieces. But where to look? We today I am sharing a whole line of “Romantic Industrial” accents from one of my favorite stores, At Home.

If you’ve ever been into an At Home Store they are huge! They carry everything from cleaning and organizing products, to rugs, decor, furniture, linens, and more. Seriously you can get lost in there for hours! The best part is their prices are very reasonable and if you sign up for their weekly email
they’ll send you extra coupons from time to time (my favorite!) With stores
in 29 states and 10 stores set to open in the next 3 months there is sure to be one near you!

So are you ready to see all the Romantic Industrial goodies I found on my trip to At Home this weekend?

As I started my extensive wandering through At Home one of my first stops was the small decor items aisles. I was immediately struck by these curvy finials and faux urns.
The have so many beautiful shapes to choose from!

As I rounded the next corner I was excited to find a whole shelf full of different decor balls. They were so many that fit in perfectly with my Romantic Industrial Decor! I have to say the wire ball with the rope netting was my favorite of the bunch!

Since Romantic Industrial Decor is all about repurposing these faux recycled glass bottles make a perfect accent piece.

Ask any designer and they will tell you the key to good design is layering in a little bit of life. The ironic part is, it doesn’t actually have to be alive! These faux boxwood and fern plants are the perfect combination of life, texture, and the best part of all they can’t die! Win. Win. Win!

After leaving the decor and plant sections behind I started stumbling into their extensive selection of accent pieces.  Like this beautiful 3 tiered French Inspired Shelf.  This is the perfect example of everything I love about Romantic Industrial Decor.  It mixes forged iron with wood.  How beautiful would this shelf be with a set of vintage iron stone dishes and fresh herbs?

Another one of my favorite accent pieces was this beautiful India Inlay Cabinet. Look at how amazing that detail is? I can think of at least a dozen places I would love to put a beautiful cabinet like this in my house!

Looking for the perfect Romantic Industrial accent chair? At Home has those too! And not just one! They have a whole section of studded chairs that would look amazing in any Romantic Industrial/Vintage home! Look at all those studs! Seriously, I’m drooling over here!

Another fun Romantic Industrial find is this awesome candelabra.  The iron has a perfectly rusty patina too it and that shape is killer!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a candelabra shaped like this before!

The last Romantic Industrial Decor piece I have for you today are these two two beautiful chippy wood cabinets. They are absolute show stoppers. As soon as I walked around the corner and saw them I was instantly in love. They have amazing lines and that chippy blue paint is stunning!

I hope you all enjoyed my Romantic Industrial Tour of At Home today!  Seriously if you haven’t stopped by and checked out all of their goodies yet you absolutely should!  They have decor to match any style!

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