A Rainy Day in Paris Play Tent

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Today I am sharing a project that I have wanted to make for our little one for such a long time.   So when I was contacted by Melissa with Pig and Rabbit to do a Land of Nod inspired project, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  To see all the fabulous projects scroll to the bottom of this post.

If you’ve ever checked out Land Of Nod’s website, it is bursting at the seams in beautiful “kiddy” toys.  After surfing around their site for a few minutes I found exactly what I was looking for.  This beautiful Rainy Day Playhouse Canopy.

It was perfect!  And that umbrella shape is amazing!  Instantly the wheels in my mind started turning.  How could I remake a similar design.  I knew I wanted to use a pagoda style umbrella but where to go from there? In the end, with a little trial and error, here is what I used to create my Rainy Day In Paris Play Tent.

Tent prep 1


project recipe 1. Pagoda Umbrella
2. Two Full Flat Sheets (for the outside)
3. One Patterned Twin Flat Sheet (for the inside)
4. Small Hula Hoop
5. Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread
6. Drill
7. Twine
8. Cotton Rope
9. Garden lights or Lantern
10. Dremmel

Because I knew I wanted my tent to have a “Paris” feel I chose to use vintage sheets.  It took a little time to find two matching flat sheets. However, they cost a bit more but I really believe it was worth it.

I started by sewing a 2.5 inch pocket along one side of each of my full flat sheets.  Be sure to check that the decorative edges will meet at the opening before you sew.

Next I removed the staples that held my hula hoop closed and threw away the beads inside.

Then I drilled a hole through the tip of my umbrella using my Drill and threaded a piece of rope through the opening.

Next I threaded the sheets on to the hula hoop.  Then I opened the umbrella and placed it upside down on the floor and tied the hula hoop to the frame of the umbrella using twine.  To make sure it was nice and secure I tied it in 6 different places by cutting a small hole in the sheets to thread the twin through.

Once everything was securely tied, I hung my umbrella from a hook using the rope loop.  After finding the horizontal center on my twin flat sheet I pinned it to the inside of my tent and began to tack in place with a needle and thread.

The next thing that needed to be done was to shorten the handle.  To do this, we drilled through the pole about where we wanted to reattach.  Then we cut the handle off below that point using a drimmel.  Once the handle was free from the umbrella, my wonderful father in-law cut the handle off at the base and used a drill to remove the excess bit of pipe that was stuck inside.  He then drilled another hole through the decorative cover on the handle.  We then reattached the handle on to the umbrella by threading a small screw through the holes.

Once the handle was shortened the only thing left to do was hang some decorative garden lights to the canopy and hang it in its new home.

I hope you all enjoy our new play tent as much as we do!  Don’t forget to stop by and check out everyone’s Land of Nod inspired projects!

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A Rainy Day In Paris Play Tent


16 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Paris Play Tent

  1. I’ve been so excited to see this one, Cat! Just BEAUTIFUL! So sweet – the vintage sheet pattern is perfect, soft and inviting. Love it!

  2. This tent is seriously adorable! I LOVE everything about it, from the umbrella to the lights inside and the vintage sheets. It’s perfect for your daughter!!

  3. Cat, it turned out so beautiful! I posted about an umbrella project on my blog this week… that didn’t turn out quite so well. 😉 so I’m so curious where you found the pagoda style umbrella at, (the link on the shopping list didn’t work for me) It’s all so sweet, good job! Liz

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