Two Ways to Smooth The Crease Out Of Vintage Maps

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Vintage maps are one of the most beautiful, inexpensive and versatile vintage items to work.  With the exception of one small detail, those pesky creases.

So today I am back to share not one but two simple ways to help smooth out those troublesome lines so you can get crafting!  And to help you get inspired I’ve also included a round up of my favorite vintage map projects.

While it is impossible to fully remove the creases because when that paper is folded the fibers are torn apart but both of these methods will help significantly lighten the depth and severity of the creases.

The Ironing Method

The first of these two methods is the ironing method.  For this method all you will need is a damp washcloth, and ironing board and and medium tempered iron.

Vintage Map Ironing Method

Start by laying your map on your ironing board and covering it with a small, slightly damp cloth.  Being careful not to touch your hot iron directly to the paper iron over the slightly damp cloth.  The steam from the moisture in the cloth combined with hot iron pushing the paper on to the boar will help smooth out the crease.  Repeat this process over the entire map.   That’s it!

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The Steamer method

Another great way to remove those bothersome creases is the Steamer Method.  It is a very similar process to the ironing method, except you will need a steamer instead of an iron, and a dry towel, instead.  I also highly recommend using and ironing board or a thick towel to protect your work surface.

Steamer method Vintage Maps

Start by laying your map on your ironing board and covering it with a thin towel.  Then move the wand over the map using light pressure.   Be careful not to over saturate any one spot as too much moisture will damage the paper.   Once you have finished steaming your map I recommend laying on a hard flat surface and covering it with a weighted cookie sheet.  This will help the paper to dry as flat as possible.

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Now that you’ve learned how to smooth out those beautiful old maps are you ready to what I did with my vintage maps?  Check out all the details here.


Thank you for stopping by, I hope you were inspired to do something amazing with your vintage maps!

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