Thonet Office Chair Makeover

Add custom decal/stencil to chair seat using Silhouette Machine - Thonet Office Chair MakeoverHi All!

It’s time for another Silhouette Creator Monthly Challenge! Each month I get together with a group of my favorite bloggers and we each make something using our Silhouette Machines.  It is always so much fun to see what everyone makes!  If you haven’t see one of these machines before, you have to check them out!  They are amazing!  Seriously the possibilities are endless!  Just check out all of these beautiful projects we made!

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When it came time for me to choose my project for this months challenge I had no trouble at all.  I found this amazing, all be it beat up Thonet Steamed Wood Chair for $1.00 at a local yardsale a few months ago.  And from the instant I laid eyes on it I knew exactly what I wanted to do.   I wanted to make it my new office chair but more than that I wanted it to reflect who I am and why I spend so much time parked it in.  So I came up with a design the encompasses my business, my family, our name, and then I took it all back to when it all began.

project recipe
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Bent wood Thonet Office Chair Makeover

1. Thonet Chair

2. Silhouette Machine

3. Vinyl

4. Mouse Sander

5. Minwax Aged Oak

6. Black Acrylic Craft Paint

7. Small Paint Brush

8. Verathane

Bentwood/Steamed Wood Thonet Office Chair Makeover

But before I could add my perfect graphic I gave my new chair a quick sand and stain using my mouse sander and some Minwax Aged Oak.

Applying custom vinyl logo to chair seat - Thonet Office Chair Makeover

After cutting and the very very long process of weeding my very intricate design I was finally ready to add it to my chair.  This of course was a little tricky since the size of my chair was several inches larger then the size of my vinyl.  To compensate for this I broke my stencil into three pieces then carefully put them all back together again to complete the larger image.

How to apply custom image/logo to the seat of a chair - Thonet Office Chair Makeover

Next I bushed on two coats of a very lightly watered down acrylic craft paint.  Once that was dry I peeled off all the vinyl and used a fine grit sand paper and lightly distress my design.  Lastly I applied two coats of Verathane for a little protection.  That was it!  A super fun.  Relatively easy makeover and I am smitten with the results!!Steamed Wood/Bent Wood Thonet Office Chair Makeover

Steamed Wood/Bent Thonet Wood Chair Makeover

Creating and Adding Custom Image to Seat of a Chair - THonet Office Chair Makeover

How to add custom graphic to the seat of a chair - Thonet Office Chair Makeover

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my new thonet office chair makeover! Don’t forget to stop by and check out everyone’s amazing Silhouette projects!


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8 thoughts on “Thonet Office Chair Makeover

  1. How did you make your stencil?
    It’s beautiful! I would like to try a similar one but am clueless as to how to do it.

  2. I’m in love with your chair and the design you picked. I also love your desk! Your chair and desk are the perfect match

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