Vintage Desk Lamp Revamp – May Create and Share Challenge

Vintage Desk Lamp Revamp

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Can you believe it’s time for another Create and Share Challenge?  During the last week of the month I link up with a few of my favorite bloggers to focus on recreating one item and this month it’s all about Lamps!

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For my lamp project I decided to give my eBay vintage desk lamp and quick and easy makeover in both beauty and safety.   As you can see from this really crummy before Vintage Desk Light Beforepicture it really needed some love.  The lamp was so tarnished the seller thought it was a copper blend instead of brass and the wiring was dangerous to say the least!

When ever I start a project that involves lots of little parts I always recommend taking lots of before pictures from several different angels.  When it comes time to put it all back together it saves me so much time and frustration.  I don’t have to guess at where each little piece goes.  Seriously, take it from me, you’ll want to do this!

DIY Antique Lamp Resoration

To start my lamp makeover first I removed the felt cover on the bottom of the lamp and unscrewed the bolt using a pair of pliers.  Once this bolt has been removed the whole lamp easily came apart.  Using a pair of wire cutters cut the old cord and being removing it.  The easiest way to do this is to trim the excess cord each time a piece is removed.

DIY Vintage Lamp Restoration & Rewire

Once my lamp was apart I used my home made vinegar cleaner to quickly wipe down all the brass pieces to remove any oils that might be lingering on the surface.  then using an old tooth brush I applied a layer of Brasso to all the brass pieces.  After letting it sit for a few minutes I removed the Brasso using a dry paper towel.  Then repeated the process until all the pieces shined again.

Vintage Lamp Resoration and RewireTo remove the years of smoke and grime from the marble base I made a paste of peroxide and baking soda.  After covering the stone I let the paste sit for about and hour then rinsed it with running water.  Marble should never be cleaned with regular household cleaners because it is easily stained.   To keep marble fresh and clean a cotton ball with a little peroxide is the best method. Antique Lamp Restoration and Rewire

With all my lamp parts clean and shiny it was time to put my lamp back together.  Using all my before photos as reference I was able to quickly reassemble my lamp and install my new lamp cord.  When installing a new lamp cord always be sure to follow all the of manufactures instructions and precautions.  Never reassemble electrical appliances when the are damp or near running water.  Be sure to allow enough time for all of the pieces to thoroughly dry before reassembling.

DIY Antique Lamp Restoration and Rewire

Isn’t it beautiful now!?! I love the shape and it goes perfectly on my old desk!

DIY Antique Lamp Resoration and Rewire

Antique Lamp Restoration and Rewire

Office Chair (1 of 2)

Antique Desk Lamp Restoration and Rewire DIY

Antique Lamp Restoration and Rewire

Thank you so much for stopping by to see my Vintage Lamp Revamp!  Don’t forget to check out all of the other beautiful projects!


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