Designer Inspired DIY Tassel Pillow

designer inspired tassel pillow - Pocketful of PosiesHi All!

I’m so excited to introduce you all to another monthly challenge, it’s the DIY Inspired Challenge hosted by friend Jess at Domicile 37.  Every month we pick a new inspired designer and choose one item to recreate.  This month our inspired designer was Urban Outfitters.   Inspired By DIY- Urban Outfitters


If you’ve ever perused Urban Outfitters website you know they have a lot of really fun home decor that comes at a not so fun price tag.  So for my Urban Outfitters inspired project I decided to make one of these adorable and expensive boho inspired Venice Net Tassel Bolster Pillows on the cheap.project recipe

 designer inspired tassel pillow - Pocketful of Posies


1. Bolster Pillow Insert
2. Decorative Pillow Cover
3. 2 yds Tassel Trim
4. Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread
5. Sewing Pins



To start my designer inspired tassel pillow I turned my pillow case inside out and then placed my pillow form inside.  Next using my sewing pins I marked where I wanted my new seam to be then removed the pillow cover.  After straightening out the pins I trimmed off the excess material and quickly added a new seam using my sewing machine.

 designer inspired Tassel Pillow CoverWith my new seam in place I turned the pillow cover right side out and began measuring out the placement of the tassel.

DIY designer inspired Tassel Bolster Pillow - Pocketful of Posies

Once all my trim was measured out and pinned in place I carefully removed the pillow form and attached the tassel trim using a simple looping stitch.  With all my trim securely fashioned I removed the string that keeps all the tassels together and my pillow was finished!

DIY designer inspired Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of Posies I love all the beautiful tassel trim! It fits in perfectly with my DIY Stenciled Brick Wall and our Romantic Industrial style!

DIY designer inspired Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of PosiesDIY designer inspired Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of Posies

DIY designer inspired Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of PoisesThank you for stopping by to check out my new designer inspired tassel pillow!  Please don’t forget to check out all of the other beautiful Urban Outfitter Inspired projects! Pocketful+of+Posies+signature+block

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