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A Whole new look Introducing Pocketful of Posies new website

As some of you may have noticed I have not been posting as many projects recently and today I am finally able to share the reason behind my absence.   Over the last three months now I have taken on the monumental task of recreating my entire website from scratch.  It has been an amazing amount of work (totally worth it) and I was forced to learn things I never thought in a million years I would know how to do.  But I guess life is funny that way.  We never know where this journey will take us.  And for now this is where my journey has lead me, right into this beautiful new site!

With my new site you will notice I’ve given my old logo a fun new look the with a little watercolor paint and Bre’s logo magic from BrePurposed Design.   My new logo really helped set the tone for my new site and is everything I wanted it to be! I catch myself staring at in sometimes because I am just so in love!

pocketful_of_posies_logo You will also notice it is now easier to find your favorite posts and topics, with easy to use search bars and beautiful project categories like:

Romantic Industrial

Farmhouse Industrial, Industrial Decor

Thrift Store Flips

budget decorating using thrift store finds

Salvage Wood Salvaged Wood DIY Inspiration

and of course Furniture Makeovers and BuildsDIY Furniture with plans and step by step instructions

There are also new pictures you’ve never seen before, like the picture above.  It is a sneak peek at an upcoming project  (shhhhh! we’ll be announcing soon so don’t forget to check back!)

If you love my style then be sure to check out my fun new  Shop My Style page that holds all of the products I love in my own and all the fund decor items I am currently coveting.

Shop my style

In addition  my new  about me page has more about me then ever before.  With more fun facts and new information about me and the life I share with my family.    profile

It is also easier than ever to contact me with a great new Contact Us page.   This way I am able answer all of your design questions and really be a resource for you and your diy projects.

contact us

While you will still notice a few small changes here and there of the next few weeks I am proud to call this site our New Digital Home and I look forward to sharing my DIY adventure with you!


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  1. I am so impressed, it was well worth the wait, I love shop my style,I had something like that designed on my side bar where it says sponsors but i have not had the time to do it. it was suppose to say Shop, instead it says sponsor , the logo is charming. I love it so much you should be proud.

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