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Hi All!

Can you guess what today is?  Today is our monthly Silhouette Challenge!  Each month I team up with a few of my favorite creative ladies  and we all make a project using our Silhouette Machines.  This month our theme was all about fabric!  If you can wear it, use it as a bag, clean with it or snuggle up to it, you can make it with a Silhouette Machine!  Just look at all of these fun fabric projects!
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For my Silhouette fabric project I decided to make my self a cute shirt to wear while I’m working on all my fantastic DIY projects.

project recipe

Silhouette Machine

Ironing Board
Heat Transfer Vinyl

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

After designing, cutting, and weeding out my design with my Silhouette Machine I grabbed a gray t-shirt and laid out my design using two sewing pins.  To make sure the pins were even I made a few quick measurements using a ruler.

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

Next I prepared my fabric by heating it for about 15 seconds using the high heat setting on my iron.

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

Next I applied my graphic to my shirt using the sewing pins as a guide.  Then using light pressure I applied my graphic.  The instructions on the adhesive vinyl say to let it sit for 25-30 seconds.  I found this was too long and the plastic would start to adhere to the iron causing it the distort the image slightly.  I recommend holding it in place for around 15 seconds.  To made sure my design adhered I went over it twice and then turned the shirt upside down and ironed it from the reverse side for another 25 seconds.

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,
Once the shirt cooled completely, I gently removed the plastic.  Then my shirt was ready to wear!!

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,

DIY Shirt, Coffee Shirt, Funny Shirt,
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  1. Haha love this!! My entire life is sponsored by coffee (and tea) 😀 Also, I’ve found that if I place a thin washcloth or piece of fabric over my vinyl when I’m ironing then the plastic doesn’t shrink and try to stick to things. Made it a whole lot easier! 🙂

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