Patriotic Watercolor Napkins and a Simple 4th of July Tablescape

4th of July table scape and DIY Watercolor Napkins

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Today is a very special day, today is our monthly Silhouette Challenge!  Where I team up with a a few of my favorite bloggy friends and we each use our Silhouette Machines to make an awesome new project!  Every time we do this I am amazed at the new and different ideas everyone comes up with!  These machines can seriously do anything and for me, this meant creating these beautiful Patriotic Watercolor Napkins.

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For this months Silhouette Creators Challenge I decided I to try something a little different.  Can you guess what I used to make these Patriotic Watercolor Napkins ? A cereal box.  Yes, you read that right! A cereal box!  See I told you they could do anything!

     project recipe

Patriotic Watercolor Napkins - Pocketful of Posies1. Large side of a cereal box
2. Silhouette Cameo II Machine
3. Hemstitch White Linnen Dinner Napkins
4. Red Acrylic Craft Paint
5. Blue Acrylic Paint
6. Textile Medium
7. Craft Paint Brush Set
8. Painter’s Tape
9. Mechanical Pencil
10. Fabric Measuring Tape
11. Studio 3 File Center Star Pattern
Step by Step DIY Watercolor Napkins

After some quick measurements I knew that my cereal box was 9.5″ and there fore determined that was how big the center star area could be.  I added a 0.5″ allowance around this space when taping off my design for a little extra room.  Next I determined the height of each stripe. Using a fabric measuring tape and a mechanical pencil I marked and measured off each stripe at 1.25″ high.   I then used my painters tape to tape off each stripe.

Once my star template was cut (For more information on using information on using cereal boxes as stencils with your Silhouette Machine go here) I traced the design on my napkins using a mechanical pencil.

DIY tutorial stars and stripes watercolor napkins

To mix my water color paint I used a 2:1 paint to fabric medium ratio.  Once this was thoroughly stirred I added water a small amount at a time until I reached my desired color.  You want it to be on the watery side so you can layer the color to create the watercolor look.

DIY tutorial Watercolor Napkins

Next I began outlining my stars.  Its important not to paint directly on the line as the paint will bleed to the side.  Also you’ll want to add the paint one layer at a time.  Then allow the paint to dry thoroughly before adding more paint.  If the area becomes too saturated it will bleed creating a blurry mess.  To create the most watercolor texture don’t fill the whole space with paint.  Apply it lighter is some areas or not at all.

DIY Watercolor Patriotic Napkins - Pocketful of Posies

This photo is after one coat of paint.  Ultimately I did three coats of paint on each napkin to achieve the layered look I was going for.

Simple 4th of july table setting

Easy 4th of July Table Scape and DIY Patriotic Watercolor Napkins

Didn’t those napkins turn out great!?!  I really love them.  The turned out to be the perfect addition to my simple 4th of July tablescape!

A Simple Patriotic Table scape and DIY Stars and Stripes Watercolor NapkinsDIY Stars and Stripes Watercolor NapkinsDIY Watercolor Napkins

DIY Watercolor Napkins and Patriotic Table Scape - Pocketful of Posies

Thank you for stopping by to check out my new Patriotic Watercolor Napkins!  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

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