Looking into the New Year: What to Expect

A look into the New Year - Pocketful of PosiesHi All!

After a bit of a rocky start into the New Year with a several day stay in the hospital with my munchkin.  I am happy to say that we are getting back on track and I am really, really looking forward to 2017.

With the beginning of the New Year there are always so many things to look forward to, and this year is certainly no exception.  So what can you expect to see from me in this beautiful New Year?  Well, I am glad you asked!  Because today I am taking a look into the New Year giving you a glance at what you can expect to see from me and where I want to go.


This year I am taking a step away from my usually hoarder-ish tendencies and going for a more simplified look.    So this year expect to see a lot more posts from me on organizing, decluttering, and transitional decor.   Creating a more simplified home that has less clutter build up, and fewer things to clean.  Making more space and time to enjoy with my family.

DIY Boulster Tassel Pillow - Pocketful of Posies

DIY Designer Inspired Tassel Pillow



I love finding cool things, especially when they are cheap or free.  This has lead me to an excesses of “cool things”.    But this year I am attempting to step back, and really get down to the pieces that I love, and moving away from the excess of cool and up to the minute style purchases that I don’t care about after a few months.

With two room revamps already in the process I am off to a great start decluttering!   My daughter’s big girl room makeover is finally picking up some steam and I’ll be announcing a new room makeover here very soon, so check don’t forget to check back!

A Big Girl Room in the Making: Design Plan

Transitional Decor

So what is Transitional Decor?  Well it’s decor that can be used throughout the year.  So instead of looking at decorating as a combination of holidays and four seasons.  I really want to focus on decor that can be used for at least two seasons.  For example if it works for Spring it should work for Summer and if it works for Fall it should work for Winter too.   I really don’t want more than a handful of items that specific to one season.  With a few exceptions thrown in here or there, like Christmas.  Ultimately leaning toward less stuff, while still maintaining a beautiful home that is perfectly decorated throughout the year.

These beautiful DIY Pillows are the perfect example of transitional decor.  The floral pillows transition effortlessly from Summer to Fall and the big plaid Euro Pillows are perfect from Fall to Winter.   By mixing and matching a few patterns the room looks completely different.  Ahhh, transitional.

DIY Throw Pillow, DIY Pillow Covers, Envelope Pillow Cover, Inexpensive Throw Pillows, Budget Decorating

Update Throw Pillows in a Flash and Under Budget with Envelope Pillow Covers


I hope you are all as excited as I am about this New Year!  I would love to hear from you!  Is there anything you would like to see me cover in the New Year?  What are your goals and expectations?   I would love to hear from you in the comments below!



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