15 Long White Curtains with Personality

15 long White Curtains 95" or longer, 96" white Curtains, farmhouse curtains

Hi Everyone!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram you know I’ve been dropping a few hints about an upcoming room makeover.  And today is no different.   After spending lots of time looking around for long white curtains with personality I have decided to round up a few of my favorites just for you!  And even though I won’t tell you which ones I ordered yet, one of these beautiful White Curtains with Personality is going to end up in my room make over!

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White curtains are one of my favorite design elements because they have the distinct ability to make windows and rooms  feel larger and brighter.   Something that almost every house needs.   However, when it comes to plain white curtains sometimes they can be a big snooze.

There are a couple of ways to give them a little pizzaz, you could go the diy route like I did in my Plain Jane Curtain Makeover.  Or you can find White Curtains with Personality already  built in.   Whether you like just a little extra detail, or a fun pattern you are sure to find the perfect White Curtains with Personality here, I know I did!

Gypsy Ruffled Window Curtain

Cogar Faux Silk Curtain

Eton Curtain Panel

Florentina Embroidered Sheer Curtain

Pom Pom Textured Sheer Curtains

Waterfall Curtain Panel

Laser Cut Top Curtains

Vintage Crochet Curtain Panel

The Pillow Collection Curtain Panel

Rivau Curtain Panels

White Jacquard Curtains

Tiffany Striped Embroidered Curtain Panel

White Smocked Top Curtains

White Striped Jute Sahaj Tab Top Curtains

Oxford Basketweave Curtain Panels

Thank you for stopping by to checkout my round up of White curtains with Personality! I hope you found the perfect white curtains for your home!  I know I did!  Now you just have to stay tuned to see which set was perfect for me and what room we are making over now!

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15 long White Curtains 95" or longer, 96" white Curtains, farmhouse curtains


7 thoughts on “15 Long White Curtains with Personality

  1. Love the white curtains, trying to find the best look for farmhouse in my living room. Love them all !!

  2. I’m in love with the set from The pillow collection! Do you have more product info? The link just takes me to Wayfair and I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks!

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