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Like most of you this New Year on of my New Years Resolutions is to save a little time.  Time to spend with the family, or just to be more productive with.  So today I am happy to announce that I am joining up with a brand new challenge, a 10 DIY Minute Challenge.   Each month I team up with a group of fabulous ladies where all of our diy projects have to be short and sweet!  To help with another one of my New Years Resolutions, to be more organized, this moth we spent 10 minutes creating an awesome diy organizing project.

One of the most problematic places in our house is our downstairs powder room where my daughter routinely uses the potty.   While she is almost completely potty trained the excess amount of items needed to complete this task seem to end up everywhere.  Books on the floor, potty rewards on the counter, extra panties wherever they end up.  All in all its just not the best look.  So for my 10 minute organizing project I decided to tackle this little mess in my favorite style, trash to treasure.  With a DIY Potty Training Command Center.

      • Old shutter, (I found mine on the side of the road)
      • 2 Small Wire Baskets (Similar, I found mind in the dollar spot at target last year)
      • 2 Picture Hangers
      • Wire
      • Hammer



On our most recent city wide clean up day I found this cute, all be it very, very dirty shutter in our neighborhood on the way home from the grocery store.  To say the least I was pretty excited, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  So it sat in my garage along with all my other “treasures” for a while.  But once I found out about this challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Cleaning Tip:  My favorite way to clean up old junk, magic erasers.  Seriously they are the most amazing cleaning product on the market.   Can you see the difference in just one swipe?

After about 6 minutes of cleaning I had this beautiful and clean shutter to make over.

To complete my quick and easy organizing transformation aka potty training command center, I started by adding two picture hangers to the back of my shutter.

Then I cut 4 pieces of floral wire in half using wire cutters and then folded them in half again.  I used floral wire because that is what I had on hand, but really any kind of wire will do.

Next I decided where I wanted my two baskets to sit and slid the wire over the edge of the basket and around one of the slats in the shutter.

Then I reached under the shutter and began twisting the wire to keep the basket in place.   To make sure the basket would be secure,  I twisted the wire to the end.  Then  folded it over twisted it around its self again.

I repeated theses steps a total of 4 times.  Once for each corner of the baskets.

That’s it!  Pretty cute for a Potty Training Command Center if I do say so myself.  And if I ever decide I want to do something different with my shutter, this was a no damage project!  All I would have to do is cut the wire and remove the baskets.

That’s it!  Pretty fast and easy right!!  Now all of our potty training do-dads have a home that isn’t all over the bathroom in my new Potty Training Command Center!  In the end the whole project cost about $7.00 a win in my books for sure!

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  1. Where were you when I was potty training?! lol. Not to worry though, I have another child who will potty train in a year or so! I can still heed your advice!

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