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Can you believe how fast the new year has been going?  February is already well underway with March shortly behind.   I am already in the middle of full blown spring fever with spring cleaning and organizing on the brain.  So for this months Silhouette Creators Challenge, I challenged all of our wonderful ladies to make something to help them with their Spring Organizing using their Silhouette Machines.

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One of the items on my Spring Cleaning and Organizing list was to get my Project Idea and Inspiration Note book under control.   I always have some new idea rolling around in my head and I always try to write them down so I don’t forget them.  But my system for the last two years has been lackluster to say the least.  My Ideas get mixed together, jumbled up and then I can’t find them later.  And since the whole idea is to have a running book to draw projects from, it doesn’t do me any good to loose my ideas.

So at Christmas time I picked up a new pretty notebook at Target to use for my new project inspiration note book.   At first I sorted out all the sections using these mini sticky notes, which works fine, although it’s pretty ugly.   I knew I wanted something that looked pretty, but I also wanted it to be respositionable in case I needed to add extra pages to any section.

Silhouette Machine

Patterned Scrapbook paper (I used this but any kind will do)

White Scrapbook Paper or Sticker Paper



Silhouette Sketch Pens or Scrapbook Marker

Silhouette Pen Holder (Optional – only needed if you use scrapbook marker)


To make my magnetic binder dividers I first had to make the base shape.  I started by using the Draw Ellipse Tool and the Draw Rounded Rectangle Tool to create one of each shape.

Then I place the two shapes slightly overlapping and Grouped them together.  Then I copied and pasted that shape.

I inverted the second shape and centered it above the first.

Then using the eraser tool, I erased all the overlapping lines.   Creating one solid, open shape.  Then I regrouped the entire image to prevent distortion.


Finally I copied and pasted it to create as many dividers as I wanted.




For my Binder Dividers I choose to use a book of 6×6 scrap book paper that was already curated in matching colors and patterns and the best part is the pages are reversible so I actually got 8 different patterns using 4 pages.

To create the label portions of the dividers I used the Draw Ellipse tool to create and oval slightly smaller then the divider and added my text.


Once the file was created for the label portion I used a fine point scrap book pen and the Silhouette pen holder to “write” all the text.  To do this I set the entire document to “no cut” then changed each text section to “cut” and sent it to my Silhouette machine.

When all the text was done I switched my pen to my Silhouette blade and began cutting out the shapes by setting all the text to “no cut” and all the ovals to “cut”.

With all my pieces cut and ready it was time to start putting my binder dividers together.

To do this I folded my Binder Dividers in half.

Then I applied the sticker magnets to the inside.  Make sure you check your magnets polarity before applying them.  If the don’t stick well or they are fighting each other then they don’t belong together.

To finish up my Binder Dividers I arranged them in my notebook to check my pattern mix then I began gluing the labels to the dividers.  If you use sticker paper, then skip the glue and just peel and stick.

After that the only thing left to do was add my new DIY Binder Dividers to my note book!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my DIY Magnetic Binder Dividers!  I think they turned out so cool and I can’t wait to fill up my new notebook with fun DIY ideas!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Binder Dividers

  1. I have seen projects for making binder dividers before, but the magnet idea is brilliant. So often I think I have my coil bound notebook all sorted out by sections, only to discover that I really need more in one area or less in another, or to add in a new section entirely. I’ve been using paper clips (which is much uglier than your post-it note solution). I’m going to have to give this a try.

  2. These are brilliant! I need these for my idea notebook so bad. I just tend to go to the next open page and sketch or jot down notes, but then I can’t find things later. The magnet backs are the best idea! Cant wait to get some done so I can feel even more organized!

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