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Do you remember last month when I made my 10 Minute Potty Training Command Center?  Well good news, we have decided to make this a monthly hop!  Each month we will be bringing you a new themed project you can complete in 10 minutes or less.  For this months theme we thought we would get a jump on Spring and make 10 Minute Planters!

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Affiliate DisclosureFor my 10 Minute Planter I decided to use one of these little wooden boxes, and if you have little kids you probably recognize it.  These little boxes come with just about every Melissa and Doug toy out there, because of this, I have a few of them stashed away in my garage for a rainy day project.  This 10 Minute Planter was the perfect rainy day project!

To make this super simple 10 Minute Planter I grabbed a pack of these cute finalas and my hot glue gun and started adding them to the bottom of my wood box using hot glue.

When they were all in place I did a really quick stain job on my wood box and legs using my favorite color 50/50 Special Walnut and Aged Oak.

Since I did such a light coat of stain it was dry almost immediately.  Next I applied a few sprays of Velevet Finishes Paint Prep spray and let it sit.

After 2-3 minutes I grabbed my pint brush and dipped only the smallest tip of the bristles in the paint.  Then I brushed the excess off on some paper and began dry brushing my wooden box very very lightly.

With this technique you only use the tiniest bit of paint so it only takes a minute or so and the outcome is a perfectly weathered look.

After that I let my box sit and dry for a few minutes while I cleaned up.  When everything was dry I added some leftover Styrofoam to the bottom of my box and then trimmed the stems down on my faux succulents.   To keep them in place I pushed the shortened stems into the Styrofoam and arranged my succulents.   This way they stay in place, but aren’t permanently attached.  I can remove them any time, switch them out with real plants or something entirely different.

I really like the way my 10 Minute Planter looks and how pretty my faux succulents are!  They add just the right amount of color and life to my side table and I don’t have to worry about killing them!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my 10 Minute Planter!  Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome 10 Minute Planter Projects!  You won’t be disappointed!

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