10 Minute Lazy Susan From Thrifted Serving Tray


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It’s already time for another fast and easy 10 Minute Project!  Each month I link up with a few of my favorite Industrial Home Decor Bloggers to make a fast and easy 10 minute project.  This month we each had to upcycle something into something new and fabulous.

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This was the perfect opportunity for me to makeover this thrifted serving tray I’ve had laying around for months.  When I picked it up at the thrift store it was dirty and bowed in the middle, but I loved all the little details with the rose handles and perforated trim.  So I went ahead and got it anyway.

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Now one thing you probably don’t know about me is I love serving trays.  I don’t have a real reason for this thrifted obsession but I seem to collect them all the same.  They are perfect for displays or just keeping all those little odds and ends together.   But what do you do with a tray that won’t sit still anymore?  You turn it into a DIY Lazy Susan of course!  The bowed center made it the perfect choice for a DIY Lazy Susan.  It would all ow the tray to still sit flat and rotate for easy grab and go use.


To start my 10 Minute DIY Lazy Susan the firs thing I needed to do was clean my tray.  Now I could spend a lot of time cleaning it with Brasso but this time I decided to go with the much faster method of Bar Keepers Friend.  It require far less scrubbing and it only takes about 60 seconds to start working.

So I gave my tray a good spray down and let it sit.  Then I started wiping away all the years of grime and gunk with a soft scrub sponge.

Next it was time to secure my lazy susan bracket to my tray.  To do this I used some JB Weld.  If you only do projects like this on occasion this is the best glue epoxy to buy.  I have had this in the garage for a few years now and it still works great!  Unlike glue the dries out after the first time you use it.    To get the epoxy ready to use you simply mush it between your fingers until the putty is all the same color.

I added 5 pebble sized chunks the the top portion of my lazy susan bracket.

Then I simply pushed my lazy susan bracket onto my tray.   Then added some heavy books on top.  In 3-5 minutes the putty is set in place.

Now all that is left to do is decide where my new DIY Lazy Susan will sit!!  For now it’s new home will be in my kitchen holding all the little odds and ends that seem to collect on my counter.

Such a fast and easy project!! And I finally got to use this sweet little tray for something new!  Thank you for stopping by to check out my 10 minute DIY Lazy Susan!  Don’t forget to check out all the other fun 10 minute projects!

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11 thoughts on “10 Minute Lazy Susan From Thrifted Serving Tray

  1. I didn’t even know you could buy lazy susan bases like that! LOVE what you made! So perfect! Also, I’m in desparate need of one of these right now, lol.

    1. Thank you Lindi! I love using lazy susans to organize! I have them in so many cupboards! They are especially helpful for organizing all your hair, face, lotions, etc in the bathroom!

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