DIY Felt Tulips + PDF & SVG Pattern

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Are you tired of spending money on fresh flowers only to have them die immediately?  Me too!  So today I am back with a fun Spring inspired project that won’t ever wilt and die, DIY Felt Tulips!  Better yet the whole project cost about $2 to make!  A whole lot better than $10 per bunch!
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To start my DIY Felt Tulips I printed and cut out my Felt Tulip Pattern.  Then I use it to the pattern to cut out all the pieces of felt.   1.5 Sheets of white felt and 3 sheets of green felt will make 7 Tulips.
For each tulip you will need: 1 Large Petal Pattern, 1 Small Petal Pattern, 2-3 Leaves in varying green felt.

Before I could start assembling my DIY Felt Tulips I cut a small hole in the center of each of the large petal sections.

With all the felt pieces cut out I was ready to start assembling my tulips!

To do this I added a small line of hot glue on one side of each petal on the smaller petal piece.



Next I folded the petal around so each petal was on top of the next petal on one side and underneath the previous petal on the other side creating a spiral effect.


When the first petal section was dry I started with the second section using the same process.  Except this time I also added a small dab of glue on the inside to attach it to the previous section.

This is what it looks like when all the petals are glued together and set.



Next it was time to add the stem and assemble the leaves.

To do this I grabbed a pipe cleaner and folded down the first 1.5″ or so and twisted it around it’s self.  I did this so the top of the tulip wouldn’t be to heavy
for the pipe cleaner.

Next I added a some glue inside the hole  on the bottom of the larger petal section and inserted the pipe cleaner stem.


To add the leaves I lined the stem of the DIY Felt Tulip up along the edge of the first felt leaf and added a bead of glue.


Then I began tightly rolling the stem of the tulip adding glue here and there to secure it.  Finally finishing it with another bead of glue.


I repeated this process to layering the additional leaves to they overlapped at random intervals.  * For more realistic looking tulips mix the green felt up with each flower.  Some flowers can have two of the same colored leaves etc.  This way there is no obvious pattern when they are all together.

Do you want another idea to use these DIY Felt Tulips with?  I used a scaled down version of my DIY Felt tulips to make this Spring Welcome Sign! 

Spring Welcome Sign, DIY Sign, Silhouette Sign Tutorial, Silhouette Hack

Thank you all for stopping by to check out my DIY Felt Tulips!  Did you catch a the sneak peak of my next post?  You won’t want to miss my Easter Table!  So be sure to check back!  And don’t forget to grab a copy of my Felt Tulip patterns here, in PDF and for you Silhouette Machine!

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