“Every Child is an Artist” DIY Child Art Display Sign

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It’s time for our Silhouette Creators Challenge again!  Every month I challenge a group of talented ladies to use their Silhouette Machines to make a fun new project.  This month I challenged them to make something using a stencil cut by their Silhouette Machines.  They came up with some beautiful projects!

Silhouette Kitchen Sign – C’mon Get Crafty

Stenciled Mr. & Mrs. Wood Slice – Dwell Beautiful

DIY Stenciled Door Mat – Two Purple Couches

“Every Child is an Artist” DIY Kids Art Display Sign Pocketful of Posies

Patterned Tile Wall Stencil – Houseful of Handmade

For my Silhouette Stencil project I decide to make a little something special for our munchkin.  She loves helping me make projects and it is quickly becoming my favorite time to spend with her.  Now we needed to find a way to display all of her special projects.  So I made a special Kids Art Display Sign where she can hang all of her beautiful creations!

    • 1×6″ board
    • White Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Stencil Brush
    • Freezer Paper
    • Stencil Level
    • Silhouette Machine
    • 12 x 24 Silhouette Cutting Mat
    • Clips
    • Easy Tac
    • Freezer Paper

    Sample Content

To start my Kids Art Display Sign I grabbed a scrap piece of 1×6 I had in the garage and painted it white.

While I was waiting for my paint to dry I made and cut my Stencil on my Silhouette Machine using a 12 x 24″ mat to accommodate the larger length.   Instead of spending money on an expensive stencil material I used Freezer Paper & Easy Tac Glue along with my method for creating Reusable Freezer Paper Stencils that I shared on Silhouette School last month.

To align my stencil I used a this amazing Stencil Level.  It makes it so easy to get perfectly placed design.  Want to learn more about this genius hack?  Watch my video here!

Once my stencil was perfectly placed I used a credit card to push it down securely on the the wood.  Smoothing out any wrinkles and openings.   Then I began applying the acrylic paint using a dabbing method and a stencil paint brush.

After three coats of acrylic paint I removed my freezer paper stencil and then made any touchups that were necessary.   Once all the paint was dry I used some 220 sandpaper to distress the design slightly.

When it was time to apply the clips I hammered some small nails into my Kids Art Display Sign and added a dab of super glue.  Then I hung the clips on the nails.    Once the glue was dry it was time to hang all of her beautiful art!


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