10 of the Coziest Beds You Would Ever Want

Have you ever gotten lost on the internet for hours looking at different items and day dreaming?  I’ll be honest, it’s happened to me A LOT lately.  We’ve been waiting forever to find out when we will be moving again and we FINALLY just got word on when and where that will be.  Which is awesome by the way, but it has put me in a perpetual state of day dreaming.  Wether it is about what house we will live in, or what kind of decor changes I want to make I have been in a constant state of lala land.   It’s made accomplishing anything pretty rough.

So what have I been day dreaming about?  One of those things is a new bed,  which can mostly be blamed on my dear friend Iris.   After a visit to her beautiful house and a conversation on an upcoming master makeover she has in mind, I suddenly found my self lusting after a new bed.   So with this newest lust on the brain I thought I would round up a few of my current favorite beds to share with you!

10 coziest beds you would ever want to lay on

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Lark Manor Sevan Upholstered Bed

Bohemian Platform Bed

Calia Tufted Upholstered Headboard

Chase Bed

Margaux Headboard


In a super sad story, I was about to order this utterly perfect gray and natural wood beauty but decided to hold off because of a family camping trip.  Sadly when I got home, the very last one had sold.  (Enter about 100 crying faces here)  And to make matters worse Urban Outfitters has no intention of restocking it.  (A 100 more crying faces) but on the bright side, WayFair has the same bed, with a slightly different fabric choices and added pin tucks.  Now the question is to order or not to order.  Truth be told I love the gray version without the pin tucks so much more then it’s counter part.  Although it is still a truly stunning bed! We’ll just have to wait to see how this one plays out!

Upholstered Pannel Headboard

Stoumont Upholstered Pannel Bed 

Corscia Pannel Headboard

Harlech Upholstered Pannel Headboard

Derby Open Frame Headboard

Battalgazi Sleigh Headboard

Williston Canopy Bed 

Did you fall in love with these cozy beds too?  Hopefully they will inspire a little day dreaming for you too!  Needless to say, I am super excited about what this latest move will have in store for us.  It is always an adventure.  There are always new places to see and experience and we are so very lucky to have the opportunity to see them!

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