DIY Father’s Day Candy Banner

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So I know it might still be a tinsy bit early to be sharing a Father’s Day project but, I would way rather be over prepared than under prepared, especially when talking about that special guy in my life.

So in honor of all of those special guys I challenged all my lovely lady blogging pals to use their Silhouette machine to create something awesome for those awesome guys in our lives.  They came up with some seriously awesome gifts, scroll down to check out all their projects!

DIY Father’s Day Candy Banner

Now we all know how hard these guys can be to shop for, so I decided to keep mine a bit simple.   So I came up with this really cool DIY Father’s Day Candy Banner!  It’s a fun way to thank that special guy and give him some of his favorite treats!

Scrapbook paper
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Sandwich Bags
Silhouette Machine


To start my DIY Father’s Day Candy Banner I created my design in Silhouette Studio and then cut out all my shapes and letters.    Next I grabbed all my supplies and started cutting my sandwich bags open, so it was a single layer of plastic.

Then using my hot glue I placed a dab on glue on the “knot” area of each tie.  and pressed the sandwich bag into the glue.  (By the way, a old USPS mailing bag makes a great hot glue mat.  It doesn’t melt and the glue comes off easily) 

Next I added a small bead of glue along the edge of the tie.  Next I added some candies.  Then I glued along the other two remains sides.  You’ll want to add some of the candies first to make sure you are leaving enough space.  If you glue the bag all the way around first there won’t be enough room to add candy.

Repeat until each tie is full of candy!  Then grab your scissors and trim away the extra plastic.  Once each tie is full fold the extra strips of paper around the knot area of each tie and attach it with a dab of glue.

To attach them to the string I used a hot glue gun that was recently unplugged.  I know, it seems weird.  But this allowed me to hang up my string and add each piece as I went. Because the hot glue gun was in the process of cooling the pieces attach much faster and more securely.   This allowed me to be able to see exactly how everything would come together in the end.

Didn’t it turn out cute!?!  You could even add gift cards to your guys favorite businesses mixed in with the candy ties.

I love the way my DIY Father’s Day Candy Banner turned out and I know my husband will love it too!   If you still need a few more gift ideas check out my Rustic and Modern Men’s Gift Guide!  Don’t forget to check out everyone’s awesome DIY Manly Gifts!

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