10 Minute Kids Pinwheel Wall Decor

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So I’ve been “working” on redoing my daughters room for about 6 months now.  For some reason it is just one of those projects I’ve never been able to get my brain around.  Sounds silly right?  Every time I thought I had nailed down a path I wanted to go, I would see something else amazing and get side tracked.  You know how this goes, we all have those projects.

The good news is after all the different mind changes and distractions I finally came back around to my original design, or mostly anyway, and I’m finally making MAJOR PROGRESS! Thank goodness!  I was starting to think I was never going to finish!  So today I am sharing my 10 Minute Pinwheel Wall Decor for our 10 Minute Kids Challenge!

10 Minute Pinwheel Wall Decor

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So we all love simple projects right?  The simpler the better!  Well projects really don’t get much simpler than this one! I used a total of 5 things to make this beautiful 10 Minute Pinwheel Wall Decor for my daughter’s bedroom.

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5 Large Garden Pinwheels
Saw (I used my Chop Saw, but anything that cuts will do)

So this whole project came together when I ran to the $5 and under store to get some fun toys for a camping trip.  Next thing you know I left with 5 of these beautiful, lacey, garden pinwheels and an idea.

10 minute Pinwheel Wall Decor, Kids Wall Decor

To start my quick and easy 10 Minute Pinwheel Wall Decor I simply pulled the petals of the pinwheel forward, and cut the wood dowels down so they were 4 – 5″ long using my chop saw.

Next I drilled a hole through the the remaining dowel using a drill bit that was slightly larger than my nail.

Finally I used these holes to attach my pinwheels to the wall with a pain ol’ nail.

Pretty easy right?  Are you ready to see the final product?


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