Beautiful Watercolor Kid’s Wall Art

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I have been busy, busy working on our sweet munchkins room.  You know, the room that I have only been working on for the last 9 months or so, well actually it’s really been a work in progress for the last couple years.  As a military family we move around, a lot!  And because of a few ill timed moves my sweet baby didn’t end up with the most thought out of nurseries.  Then once we moved here she was already a toddler and well I really just didn’t know what to do for her room.  Today I am so proud announce that I am finally in the home stretch!  I still have a few projects here and there to complete but, her room finally looks like a beautiful little space for a beautiful little girl!

So far, I have put together a design plan, made a beautiful play tent, painted a dresser, made her a place to put all of her beautiful art creations, put together a pinwheel wall decor feature.

Phew!  That was a lot of projects!  And today I have one more to add to the list!

She Flies on Golden Wings DIY Watercolor Children’s Art


This project more than any other is probably actually the reason why my design plan got stalled for soooo long.  Lets face it, wall art is expensive!  The frames  are expensive, the art is expensive.  It’s just a lot.  Plus once you buy it, is it really going to be what you wanted?   Will it all work together, should I add more?  less?  AHHH!  See this is exactly why!!!

Well after agonizing over wall art for her room for the last year I finally decided to take a bit of a DIY approach.  At least for a few of her art pieces anyway, and today I am sharing one of those pieces with you!

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The good news is this project is simple, like really really simple!  A perfect DIY wall art project, especially for a little one’s room since they are constantly growing and changing!

I started by simply grabbing my Watercolor Paper and Watercolor Starter Set and painting a big watercolor splotch on my paper in different shades of blue.  *Tip* If you are having trouble getting your colors to blend or they just aren’t looking watercolor-y enough, (yes, that is a technical term.  Okay, not really.) just simply add more water!  Just plain old water will help your color blend together easier and take on that fluid marbled look that we love so much with watercolors.

Once my painting was done.  I simply left it to dry for about 24 hours.  Then I grabbed my laptop and my Silhouette Machine loaded with Silhouette Printable Foil and cut the phrase “On Golden Wings She Flies”

Then I simply place the letters over my watercolor splotch I painted.  Then added it to these floating gold frames I picked up at Target.  Ridiculously simple right?!?  But the outcome is sooo pretty! The gold foil adds just the right amount of shine to my watercolor project!

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