DIY Fall Mustard Seed Pillow with PomPoms

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There is something about that crisp fall air, the rustle of leaves and all my sweet treat smelling candles that is just magical. Maybe its because we’ve lived in such a hot climate for the last several years or maybe its just always been this way, but Fall is for sure my favorite time of year!

Even though my heart is always truly happy to see the end of summer, I am way, way behind on getting all my fall decorating done this year! I know it probably doesn’t seem that way, but in the world of blogging people are working on Fall projects in July!  Phew, who can keep up with that?!?  Not me!  Especially not with starting a new job and trying to tame all those household chores!  Going back to work has definitely been an adjustment for us all. But thankfully I have an amazing husband who has been so helpful in picking up some of the slack.  Although, Fall decorating is definitely not his idea of a good time.  After snagging a couple hours of sweet quiet bliss to myself this week I thought it was about high time I get to making a few fun Fall Pillows.

DIY Fall Mustard Seed Pillow

I sure hope you guys like pillow posts because I have a couple new ones coming your way!  New textiles is my favorite way to welcome in a new season! The first pillow on my list, was this beautiful Fall Mustard Seed Pillow.  Using a fabric remnant and a strip of this beautiful Mustard colored floral fabric I was able to make one of my favorite, and most beautiful pillows ever!

  • 1/3 – 1/2 yard of base fabric, the actual amount will depend on your insert size
  • 1/4 yd contrasting fabric
  • 4 large pom poms
  • Sewing Machine or needle and thread


To start my Fall Mustard Seed Pillow I quickly sewed a double rolled hem along both ends of my envelope pillow edge where it opens and closes.  Then I wrapped the fabric, right side out around my pillow and pinned it place.

Next I flipped my pillow over and pinned my strip of yellow fabric to the front of my base fabric.  Since my base fabric has this beautiful herringbone pattern it was really easy to make sure all of my edges were straight.  All I had to do wall follow the natural stripe in the pattern!

Then I very carefully and S-L-O-W-L-Y stitched my yellow fabric in place.  I have to say this  was the most difficult part of the whole process for me!  Not because it is particularly hard, but because I am normally a speed demon sewer, which is usually evident in my uneven hems and wobbly lines.  But since I knew that the seam would be visible down the front of my pillow I wanted to make sure it was straight.  I have to say what a difference it made to slow down a little and take my time!!!  The end product looked so much nicer!

Once my yellow strip of fabric was sewn in place I turned my fabric inside out and using my marker pins as a guide folded the fabric back into its correct position.  Then I sewed down each side of the fabric, but i left the last 1- 1.5″ open at each corner.  For more complete instructions on sewing an envelope pillow cover check out my post: Update Throw Pillows In A Flash And Under Budget With Envelope Pillow Covers

Next I cut each of my pompom tassels apart until there was about 1″ of band on each side of the pompom.  Then I folded the band in half so the ball was in the center and pinned them into place at each corner.   Then I very carefully tacked the pompom in place at the corner.   Then I rested my seam allowance to match up with the rest of seam and closed the opening at each corner.  Make sure to turn your pillow right side out each time to make sure the tape isn’t showing through.

Once all 4 pompoms were in place the only thing left todo was add my pillow insert and enjoy the first fall touches in our living room!

Thank you all so much for stopping by to check out my new DIY Fall Mustard Seed Pillow!  Don’t forget to check back!  My fall decorating has only just begun! 

Do you love the look of my Living room?  Here are a few decor pieces that look just like mine!

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