Budget Decorating – Dressing up the Bathroom

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It’s sooo good to be back again today!  I am really, really making progress on getting back into the normal swing of things after going back to work!  With a new post last week: DIY Mustard Seed Fall Pillow and a new post this week I am feel a whole lot more normal!

So what fun and fabulous topic am I going to cover today?  Well it’s one of my favorite subjects, Budget Decorating.  Like most of you we live on a budget and sometimes it can be a rather small one.  Decorating on those small budgets can get a little challenging sometimes.  So my friend Carrie over at Lovely Etc. has put together a group of amazing blogger who all share the same passion.  Budget Decorating.

Once a month we will be sharing our favorite budget decorated spaces along with some tips and of corse lots and lots of pretty budge decorating inspiration photos!

Budget Decorating: Dressing up the Bathroom

Our first frugally decorated space we are sharing with you is…. Our Bathrooms!

Now I will admit that any one of my three bathrooms are not necessarily my favorite rooms in our house.  They are a little dated, and just not that exciting.  But what do you do when you rent, you deal with it.  Hang up lots of pretty things and focus your attention there instead.

As it turns out I just so happened to have spent some time a couple weeks ago doing exactly that.  After a fit of decluttering I decided it was time to move something things around the house and hung up a new shelf in our Master Bathroom.  Then I layered it with lots of fun, beautiful pieces!

Now let me, let you in on a little secret…. almost all of those beautiful pieces came from the thrift store.  Shhh!!!!

Okay, maybe not a secret, but it’s true!!  Thrift stores are my #1 budget decorating tip!  I love wandering through the all the discarded items and finding new ways to use them!   Like that big print in the middle, it used to be an ugly deer poster in a rustic frame.  Now it’s a beautiful quote reminding to me take life a little slower and enjoy it.

I still have so more work todo.  I’ve been hunting everywhere for the perfect towels.  I know, silly right?  But seriously.  It’s harder than I imagined.  I want white towels, but if you knew my husband, you would know there is literally no way that would ever work.  Half of them would be ruined before the week was over.  But they are just so dang pretty!!!

Thank you all for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my bathroom budget decorating!  To check out all other amazing budget friendly bathrooms check out the links below!


Do you love the look of my Bathroom?  Here are a few decor pieces that look just like mine!

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3 thoughts on “Budget Decorating – Dressing up the Bathroom

  1. You would never guess you thrifted all those pieces on the shelves! I love love love that gold frame and the shelf brackets, too. IT’s amazing what you can find at thrift stores!

  2. I love your bathroom shelf – and especially that it is mostly thrifted. That’s definitely my kind of shopping! This is a great idea for renters as well as anyone who still has some bathrooms waiting for an update.

  3. Such a beautiful update to your bathroom, friend! I love that you found so much of it out thrifting! I’m super jealous of your floral print! Now I’m going to have to make a run to the SA to see if I can find something myself! 🙂

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