Cute and Easy Halloween Monster S’mores

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Can you believe that Halloween is almost here?  It is always one of the busiest times of the year in our house.  I would even dare to say busier than Christmas and Thanksgiving!  Halloween is my husbands favorite holiday so we always do a lot!  From homemade family themed costumes to goodies and usually a Halloween party.  Although, I’ll admit we haven’t really decided if we are going to have one this year.  With Halloween a whole whopping two weeks away I guess we’d better start deciding!

After throwing several years of our annual Halloween Party I’ve tried my fair share of those cutsy Pinterest Halloween treats some with success, most without.  They usually end up pretty wonky.  And more often then not I can’t get them to stay on the stick.  Seriously, I have no idea how they get them to look so perfect! So this year I decided instead of trying to follow someone else’s recipe, I would come up with my own.  And for the first time ever, I was actually able to get them to stay on the stick!!  Progress!  So while mine may not be perfect, they are yummy! And besides who really wants to eat perfection anyway!

Cute & Easy Halloween Monster S’Mores

I started with some gram crackers and these awesome square marshmallows.  I cut the marshmallow into thirds.

Then I melted  some chocolate candy coating and applied the coating on both sides of the marshmallow and gram cracker.

Next I applied the chocolate around the outside of the marshmallow.  Then I placed them in the fridge for about 3-5 minutes.


While I was waiting for the chocolate to set I melted some white chocolate candy coating.  When the chocolate and gram crackers were set I inserted a sick through the chocolate coating and into the marshmallow.  Since the marshmallow is sticky and the chocolate is mostly set, it held firmly on to the stick.

Then I coated the outside of the s’more with white chocolate candy coating on all sides.

Then I rolled it in some green colored decorating sugar.  The easiest way to do this is to put a lot of the sugar on a plate and press it into the sugar.  Make sure to redistribute the sugar before each application otherwise the chocolate will stick to the plate messing up the coating. Place it in the fridge and let them set for 5 minutes or until firm.

Once the coating was firm. I removed them from the fridge and dipped the top of my Halloween Monster S’Mores back into the chocolate. Then using the side of the spoon I pulled “hair” strands down around the face.  Then I put the S’More back into the fridge.

While I was waiting for the hair to set I heated up a bottle of Cookie frosting in both black and white.  Just a side note, if the cookie frosting is too hot, really anything more that moderately warm, it won’t hold it’s shape and will just make a big ol’ mess.  So learn from my mistake.  Heat them up, mix up contents, then let cool before actually decorating.  Once the icing is cool I used it to add eyes, mouths, and some fun scars to complete my Easy Halloween Monster S’Mores!


Didn’t they turn out cute?!?  My favorite kind of Halloween decorating, I always think of it as kind of a cheeky macabre.  A little spooky, but a whole lot of fun!! 

Thank you all so much for stopping by to check out my Easy Halloween Monster S’mores!  Remember it isn’t about making them look perfect, it’s about the memories we make surrounded by family and friends!

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