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It’s Tuesday again! Which means it’s time for another progress report on this years New Year New Room Challenge!

As it turns out I don’t have much of a progress report to share this week. It seems that repairing old cracked and broken plaster is a lot more time consuming than I had originally thought. A LOT more time consuming. While I’m definitely making noticeable progress, I am afraid it doesn’t make for a very exciting post. Especially, since that is also what I was working on last week, and the week before.

Yup, today officially marks day 21 of plaster/wall repair. (enter face slapping emoji here). No wonder people hate to repair old plaster. So while I’m finally working on skim coating these old walls, (my last step before paint!!!!) I decided to put together a round up of some of the office spaces I found inspiring.

For more inspiring home ideas, don’t forget to check out my Day Dreaming Home Board on Pinterest. Not only is it my most popular Pinterest board, It’s also my favorite! I have lost many hours perusing around this little joy.

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Before we look at the office spaces that have inspired me, I want to take a second to look back, way back. This was my office space at our old house. Cute right? It was tucked in the corner of our living room practically hidden behind one of our living room chairs. It worked, well sort of. To be honest it was never very organized. Unless I was taking pictures that is! But seriously, how can a space this small be organized?

While I loved that little desk, I sold it when we moved to the new house. A decision I am currently regretting. But I didn’t have a place for it, and I was really, really trying hard to get rid of any extra furniture/items we weren’t using. So alas we parted ways and said goodbye.

One good thing to come out of having such a small work space was I knew when we got to the new house I wanted to make a designated work space somewhere. A real work space. With buitins I could actually store things in, a place for my printer, and a desk that was large enough to hold papers and my teeny tiny laptop at the same time! Ohhh…. the possibilities!

So when we got to the new house this little landing seemed like the perfect fit for all my office dreams. Just big enough to hold a nice sized home office, convenient to the rest of the house so I don’t feel closed off and I could really customize it for my needs without sacrificing the all mighty bedroom.

But no matter how much I tried to make it work, it just wasn’t coming together. The floating desk lead to tripping power cords and running over the ends of my beautiful white curtains with the wheels of my office chair. (Design tip: puddled curtains and office chairs, don’t mix). Not to mention the fact that I was in the same boat as before, there was still no storage! So even though my desk was bigger, it was still in the same disorganized mess as before.

So a little office inspiration and a design plan we carry on through this journey of creating the perfect home office out of this old dark and dated space.

a little office inspiration

 This home has been the single greatest inspiration for kicking off my rehab goals for our new house.  Not necessarily because everything thing in this house is my style, don’t get me wrong, it’s stunning, but more than anything else it’s because this house looks shockingly similar to our house.  Or at least what our house would have looked liked prior to 1970 when someone ripped off a lot of the old details.    Its historical and yet comfortably modern.  All the things I hope our house will be.  Looking through this article always inspires  me no matter how many times I see it.  There is always some new detail to find and love.  


Another office that really got my creative juices going was this office via El Mueble. I love the mix of modern and vintage. It’s classy, clean, and above all functional. Something that is definitely on my must have list!

If we are talking about an office that has it all, it has to be this one by Studio McGee. From the builtins, to the wall color and all the little details in between it is just flat out stunning. Shea from Studio McGee has to be one of my favorite designers, maybe ever. Seriously if I could follow her around all day just to absorb some of the leftover creativity, I totally would.

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  1. Cat, we are in the same boat. I’ve had a “office nook” everywhere we’ve lived until now and the only thing I wanted was a real office space. I’m definitely taking notes. It’s going to be my next room makeover. Loving your inspiration. Shea is so good.

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