about cat

Hi there!  My name is   cat3

I am am a military wife, a mother, an auctioneer’s daughter, a dog lover, and a creator.   I am camera shy, artfully inclined, and I love taking things apart and finding new ways to use them. Originally, from a small town in Northern California, I have lived all over the United States. Through my travels I have been inspired by all the different regions, architecture and people I have had the great fortune of encountering.

As seasons change, so do my tastes and (obviously) the decor of my home. I feel that each season has its own unique personality that should be shown off and explored.

I love everything about projects from the planning stage, to the chaos between, and finally the beautiful out come.  There is something about the creative process that speaks to my soul. I am equally happy doing simple projects that can be accomplished in a single afternoon as I am undertaking a massive overhaul of an entire home (I get to do this every time we move).

Although I consider myself to be a feminine woman, I am always eager to get dirty with my power tools. There are many small things in life I love but the feeling of sawdust in my hair and finished project in my hands is one of the best.

As the proud mother of a two year old girl, I have to fit my project time around naps, meals and temper tantrums. There are many days where my progress is hindered or even regressed by her busy fingers. However, she is always eager to help and I love letting her explore her creative and inquisitive nature.

From  shower curtain dresses fashioned with ribbon and safety pins to play cardboard houses I have been a designer from the very beginning.  Growing up among beautiful heirlooms and antiques found in my father’s auction business, I have developed a taste that is inspired by the past yet is playfully modern.  I love combining different textures to create a one of a kind feel that is above all else always on a budget.

In my blog I will share some tips I have learned a long the way, fun projects, the occasional recipe and anything else that strikes my fancy.  Above all else I promise quality over quantity.

So please share a laugh and a smile. Hang out for a while!